Women’s Health: Post Pregnancy Health Tips for Mother’s Health and Successful Breastfeeding


Women’s Health: Post Pregnancy Health Tips for Mother’s Health and Successful Breastfeeding

Posted on Jul 15, 2021 | Author Dr Suhail Naik

To give birth is to enter into parenthood. Caring for your fragile little baby is going to take up almost every minute of your time. A mother should not neglect her health in the process of child rearing and breastfeeding. It has come to our opinion that many women ignore their health and put themselves in an unfavorable state of health. Post-pregnancy health care advice is essential as it helps new mothers take care of themselves and helps to improve breastfeeding and prevent disease in the baby and mother.

How to take care of yourself after pregnancy?


A new parent quickly realizes that their rest and sleep cycle should match the newborn’s sleep cycle. Your toddler will wake up about every three hours to feed, change, and sometimes you need to comfort him as well.

This exercise can be overwhelming and exhausting. You may not be able to get the necessary eight hours of sleep for several months, but you can do the following. Sleep when baby is sleeping, even if it is just a few minutes several times a day.

Keep things closer to reduce overwork. Remember, the weaker you get, the more you will no longer be able to do things for the baby.

Free yourself from as many responsibilities as possible. Even when people come to visit you, try to have other family members assist them.

Do not completely abstain from physical activities. Try to walk 20 minutes every day to get fresh air and reduce anxiety.


A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy. Her body needs to heal and recover from the immense stress of pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to rest, she needs a healthy diet to replenish the body and stimulate recovery. Breastfeeding mothers should maintain a healthy and nutritious diet.


You are weak and vulnerable to disease and infection after childbirth. This is a crucial time when you need to pay special attention to hygiene advice and post-pregnancy care. Taking personal health lightly could lead to health problems not only for the mother but also for the child.

Dr Suhail Naik

Lecturer Pediatrics GB Pant Children Hospital


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