Why people choose rural medicine


Breaking the myths about rural practice

Myth: You won’t get much variety in the bush

Made: We see interesting and diverse medicine in rural areas. We know that our people often come later with more complex health issues and great needs. You will see just about everything here and you will actively participate as a medical student.

Myth: Your career will be limited by training in a rural setting

Made: You will benefit from experiences, mentorship and support that you never knew existed. From patients to specialists, rural people appreciate anyone who wants to raise their hand and try rural immersion. There are various training programs and tailor-made professional support for anyone considering a rural career.

“Both as a student and as a junior doctor at Dubbo, I had the opportunity to do outreach and went to Bourke and Coonabarabran for clinics,” says Dr. Georgia Cunningham, PGY2 Dubbo, University of Sydney MBBS Alumni.

“It gave me a better idea of ​​what it is like to access care for members of the rural community. The clinical exposure here is excellent and the responsibilities given to you as a junior make you feel like you. feeling valued and being part of the team while being cared for. “

Myth: You will be isolated being so far from home

Made: Our communities are very united and welcoming. You will have an instant social and professional network in which to insert yourself. Our clinical placements are based in large regional centers which have all the services you may need.

We work closely with our nursing and paramedical teams to provide the highest quality patient care, training experience and dynamic careers. We love it here, and we think you will like it too! You may also have the option of remotely rotating to Bourke, Wilcannia, Menindee, etc. depending on the location you have chosen.

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