Why are so many Star Quarterbacks becoming idiots?


Brett Favre and The Indomitable Ego

Wikimedia Commons: Paul Cutler

“Are there receivers there? We will see!”

Alright, so maybe we look into the legal issues a bit. Aaron Rodgers’ predecessor is currently facing a legal blitz after embezzling Mississippi state welfare funds to build a volleyball facility. Who cares about the social responsibility to help the poor? There’s volleyball! Favre claims he did nothing wrong, but that’s hogwash: He literally texted the governor asking for help with his little setup despite being told “a bad use could result in a violation of federal law.” The question is why, Why a retired multimillionaire asked around “a contractor who would say hello rather than give you money, I’ll build for free!!” like he’s Donald Trump or something?

Remember how much ego it takes to lead a football team. Brett Favre spent his career as a gunslinger, a guy who needlessly threw down triple cover because he believed in his arm this a lot. He enters every room dick first, metaphorically, and even enters professional relationships dick first, not metaphorically. How could the guy who didn’t know what a nickel defense was until halfway through his career understand the intricacies of state budget allocations? He’s just a big kid there! Just an adorable goof, you can’t take it seriously. Every group of friends has that person, the one who is an adorable human golden retriever, always ready to try anything and to hell with the consequences. Favre has been that guy his whole life, and it’s earned him a Hall of Fame football career, millions of dollars, and a Super Bowl ring. Why should he change in retirement? Why should recovering drug addict Brett Favre be motivated to do something different with his life? It’s not like The Washington Post call it the future of the Republican Party or whatever.

Brett Favre and Donald Trump

Wikimedia Commons: The White House

“So what you’re saying is that the government works a bit like triple coverage on the 4th and 20th?”

Oh. Maybe we should shut down the quarterbacks for a while, just until we find out what’s going on.

Chris Corlew is a Bears fan and, like that organization, doesn’t see the value in quarterbacks. Find it on Twitter.


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