WHO shares simple tips to reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease


The World Health Organization (WHO) in the Western Pacific Region has shared four health tips to protect against non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer.

The increase in non-communicable diseases is mainly due to four major risk factors: tobacco use, physical inactivity, harmful use of alcohol and unhealthy diets, he said.

According to the WHO PRO, reducing salt and sugar are simple ways to reduce your risk of non-communicable diseases.

The WHO has stated that salt intake per day should not exceed 5 grams or 1 teaspoon. Instead, the WHO called for experimenting with fresh or dried herbs and spices instead of salt. “Cut back on salty sauces and condiments like soy and fish sauce,” he says.

Speaking of sugar consumption, the WHO has asked to consume no more than 50 grams or 12 teaspoons of sugar per day. He further asked to reduce consumption from 50 grams to 25 grams or 6 teaspoons of sugar per day.

He also asked people not to add salt and sugar to complementary foods given to children under 2 and should be limited beyond that age.

Second, the WHO said another way to reduce your risk of developing non-communicable diseases is to watch your intake of saturated fats and trans fats.

Select low-fat or reduced-fat milk and dairy products, choose white meats like poultry and fish, he said. He further asked to limit the consumption of processed meats like beacon and sausages. Apart from this, WHO has also advised to avoid processed, baked and fried foods that contain industrially produced trans fats.

In its third health tip, WHO PRO asks people to have a balanced diet. “Eat a variety of foods each day that include whole grains like brown rice and wheat; legumes like lentils and beans; lots of fresh fruits and vegetables,” he said. He also asked to include certain foods of animal origin such as meat, fish, eggs and milk. For snacks, he asked to choose raw vegetables, fresh fruits and unsalted nuts.

Fourth, the WHO has said that one way to reduce your risk of developing non-communicable diseases is to watch what you drink.

Listing some easy-to-follow nutritional tips on how to improve health simply through beverage choice, he said: “Reduce consumption of sugary beverages like sodas, juices, flavored water and ready-to-brew coffee. to drink.” He also asked to avoid excessive and harmful consumption of alcohol and advised to drink more water.

According to the WHO, non-communicable diseases, including heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and chronic lung disease, are collectively responsible for almost 70% of all deaths worldwide. Almost three-quarters of all NCD deaths and 82% of the 16 million people who die prematurely or before reaching the age of 70 occur in low- and middle-income countries.

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