West Bengal Women’s Commission takes initiative to help and guide young artists

The shocking death of four model actresses in the city in two weeks has raised several questions. While police are still investigating the cases, recent incidents have once again underscored the need to focus on mental wellbeing. Many senior artists in Tollywood have spoken about the unstable profession and how it could disappoint artists, especially young ones. Experts have also expressed concern over the prioritization of mental health and building a strong system to deal with failure.

The recent incidents have also prompted the Women’s Commission of West Bengal to initiate, help and mentor young artists. President Leena Gangopadhyay sent a letter to the Artists Forum for a platform where mental health experts, veteran artists and aspiring artists can exchange their opinions. Veteran performers will help newcomers and provide insight into careers in showbiz while mental health experts will help young talent in times of crisis. A letter has already been sent to the Artists’ Forum regarding this initiative. Senior artist Badshah Moitra will probably be part of this initiative and he will share his experience with the young people.

Writer and producer Leena, who has introduced many young talents to the public, hopes that such a platform can help budding artists.

In a shocking turn of events, actress Pallavi Dey was reportedly found hanged in her apartment in Garfa on May 15. Her partner was later arrested based on a written complaint filed by Pallavi’s family. Last week, a young model named Bidisha De Majumder was also found hanged in Nagerbazar. The 21-year-old was reportedly depressed due to career and relationship issues, according to her family. Two days later, Bidisha’s friend, Manjusha Neogi, an aspiring model and actress, was also found dead at her home. Bidisha’s mother Basanti has opened up about her daughter’s battle with depression and stress. Saraswati Das, 19, a mehendi artist and aspiring model, was also found hanged in her home on Sunday.


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