Weight Loss: Dr Michael Mosley Shares Foods To Avoid Fat Burning – “Cut Out”


Losing weight is not easily achieved with many diet plans delivering results. Dr Michael Mosley has listed a number of common foods that dieters should try to avoid if they are hoping to burn fat.

Avoid snacking

The expert recommended eating from large meals rather than eating throughout the day.

Snacking on sugary treats can stop fat burning, Dr. Mosley explained.

He said, “Grazing maintains sugars and stops fat burning.

“But if you have to, eat a small handful of nuts or a small piece of cheese.”


Cut down on starchy foods

Slimming people should look for foods high in sugar, including those that contain hidden sugars.

The expert continued, “Completely cut back on cakes, candies, cookies, crisps, juices and sodas.

“These foods quickly turn into sugar in your blood, causing sugar spikes and weight gain – they’re like the tip of the iceberg.

“Avoid most breakfast cereals. These are usually loaded with sugar,” he added.

“Oats are good, as long as they aren’t flavored or instant.

“Also avoid too many sugary tropical fruits, including mango, pineapple, grapes, melon, and bananas, as they are high in sugar.

“Instead, go for berries, apples and pears. Try to have a maximum of two fruits a day and always eat the skin on.”


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