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It’s that time of year again when we devour the big turkey and the two dozen starters and desserts at Grandma’s, whose rule is “no one leaves hungry”. The next thing you know, you have enough leftovers to last until Christmas.

The festivities are always accompanied by a food coma and a few extra pounds.

Although the extra weight may seem small, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported that a trend of obesity in the United States continues to rise. Obesity is more common in some states than in others. “Nineteen states and territories have at least 35% of residents with adult obesity, more than double the number of states with high prevalence of obesity since 2018.”

More than 20 percent of adults in all states and territories suffer from obesity.

The CDC has also warned that obese adults are at increased risk for many serious health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, cancers, serious effects of COVID-19 and health problems. vulnerable mental health. Some people with severe obesity also have trouble breathing, walking, and performing simple daily tasks.

Obesity not only affects your self-confidence due to body shame, but also your physical and mental health.

Is there a cure for obesity?

In Western medicine, doctors can prescribe medications to control appetite, maintain blood pressure, etc., but it is still up to patients to improve their lifestyle and routines to achieve optimal results. Some weight loss management measures include healthier eating, good sleep hygiene, and implementing a workout plan. Some extremely obese patients might choose surgery.

In Chinese medicine, however, any disease must be dealt with by the internal system, including the metabolism or a blockage.

A traditional Chinese medicine practitioner may recommend using massage techniques on various acupuncture points on the body to speed up the recovery process. Not only can acupressure massage control your appetite and harmonize your body, but it can also eliminate fat and edema in the areas you massage.

Acupressure massage for weight loss

Like the Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping, acupressure is a needle-free meridian therapy that anyone can do at home.

Chinese traditional acupressure massage stimulates particular acupuncture points to achieve the slimming effect, suppress appetite and adjust health quality.

Acupressure point massage promotes qi (vital energy) and blood circulation and activates the function of various internal organs.

Traditional Chinese medicine practitioner Dr. He Xia discussed with The Epoch Times the multiple benefits of acupoint massage therapy: “Certain acupressure points not only help suppress the patient’s appetite, but Massaging them also realigns the functioning of the body. Acupressure massage stimulates weight loss and increases organ nutrition.

Dr. He also said that acupressure massage is effective in losing belly fat.

Can anyone do acupressure massage at home?

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, people with the following conditions should avoid acupressure massage:
cardiovascular illnesses
pelvic inflammatory disease
gastrointestinal disease
skin diseases
lung disease
surgery in the past three months

Here are some of the acupressure massage techniques that the traditional Chinese medicine doctor uses to target specific parts of the body and achieve body fat loss.

Global slimming acupressure massage

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(Shutterstock/The Epoch Times)

Location of the auditory palate (SI19), portal of the ear (SJ21) and auditory convergence (GB2) acupuncture points.

Massaging method:
1) Directly press the triangular tissue flap at the front of the ear using the index and middle fingers to simultaneously stimulate the three weight loss acupoints.
2) Use medium pressure to massage acupuncture points for three minutes to control appetite and hunger, improve digestion, and improve overall physical well-being.

Body part specific acupressure massage


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Location of the Outer Pass acupoint (SJ5).

Massaging method:
1. Locate the outer pass (SJ5) on the back of the forearm, two inches above the wrist where the gap between the bones is and use your thumb to press and rub the point of acupuncture for a few seconds to stimulate the deeper layers of muscle problems.
2. Slowly release when you feel pain, numbness, swelling or warmth at the acupuncture point.
3. Repeat on the other arm.
4. Alternate each side and massage for 5-10 minutes each time, once a day.

Abdomen and waist

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Massaging method:
1. Locate the center vent in the center of the body approximately 4 inches above the navel. Use the index and middle fingers to massage the acupuncture point clockwise.
2. Before going to bed, massage Heavenly Pivot (ST25) using the tips of the index fingers of both hands in circular motions clockwise, then counterclockwise, 50 to 100 times each.
3. Before going to bed, locate the Celestial Pivot (ST25) three fingers wide on both sides of the navel. Use the tips of the index fingers of both hands to massage the acupuncture point using circular motions clockwise and then counterclockwise 50-100 times each.
4. Locate the girdling vessel on the side of the waist, opposite the navel, and press the acupuncture point 50-100 times to promote gastrointestinal muscle movement and blood circulation, accelerate digestion, improve swelling abdominal discomfort, bloating, fluid retention, regulate the endocrine system, increase qi in the facial area, and minimize fat accumulation and constipation. It is particularly effective in thinning “love handles”.


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Massaging method:
1. At any time of the day, locate the Sea of ​​Blood Acupuncture Point (SP10) 2 inches above the patella and massage with your fingertips 10-15 times, then use your palm to tap the acupuncture point 10-15 times to improve blood circulation in the lower half of the body, reduce water retention and firm the inner thighs.


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Massaging method:

1. Locate the Leg Three Li acupoint 7cm (2.75 inches) below the patella, slightly off center towards the outside of the calves and use your thumb to press and rub 15-20 times per minute for 5 minutes. The area may be sore and slightly warm. This massage will regulate the immune system, strengthen the spleen, stomach and qi, unblock the meridian flow of the body.
2. Locate the Three Yin Intersection (SP6) 5cm (2 inches) above the ankle, inside the calf behind the bone and press firmly with your thumb for one minute, then slowly release. Do it daily to nourish the spleen, liver and kidneys. The two acupuncture points accelerate leg circulation, eliminate dampness and swelling, and unblock the calf meridians.

Note: Whenever you perform an acupressure massage on yourself, you need to pay attention to how your body reacts and feels, as everyone is different. Be sure not to overdo the massages.

Although acupressure massage is safe and has no side effects, patients should not expect significant weight loss in a short time. Traditional Chinese Medicine always focuses on conditioning and nourishing the internal system. So, to maximize your beach body results, you should consider better diet options and a new favorite workout routine.

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