USAID allocates $12.4 million to support access to lifesaving reproductive health and protection services for women and girls in Ukraine – Ukraine


UNITED NATIONS, New York – USAID’s Office of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) contributed $12,442,720 to support life-saving GBV prevention, protection, and response services, as well as to build the capacity of national health service providers to provide sexual and reproductive health services. . The grant will support the efforts of the Ukrainian government and civil society, including women-led organizations across the country.

The conflict in Ukraine cost the lives of thousands of people, caused untold destruction, displaced millions of people and led to unacceptable violations of human rights. Women and girls caught up in hostilities, in particular, face heightened risks of gender-based violence and abuse, including conflict-related sexual violence and rape, while those fleeing their homes face increased risks to their safety and well-being.

The damage and destruction of more than 300 health facilities has deprived thousands of women and girls of access to vital services, including maternal and newborn care, while national systems and mechanisms for the protection of women victims of violence have been seriously compromised.

UNFPA’s priority is to ensure that the conflict in Ukraine does not deprive women and girls of their rights, including their right to give birth in safety and dignity, and to live in safety. violence. With support from USAID, UNFPA will be able to provide cash assistance to safeguard the well-being, dignity, and resilience of pregnant and breastfeeding women and GBV survivors. USAID’s contribution will also fund the work of 60 mobile teams providing psychosocial counseling to the most vulnerable across Ukraine, facilities for survivors of gender-based violence in 30 locations, and a national online platform that helps survivors to access other services, including psychosocial support. .

“USAID’s support is timely and addresses critical funding gaps,” said UNFPA Representative in Ukraine Jaime Nadal. “The burden of this war is mainly felt by women and girls. Many bear scars that will require specialist assistance. The contribution will be used to ensure that national capacities to deliver quality lifesaving assistance to women and girls across Ukraine are strengthened, using a survivor-centered approach that respects and upholds the needs and dignity of survivors.

With USAID funding, 20 communities will also be supported to design and implement gender-based violence prevention programs, complementing the impact of the work of the mobile teams. Women will also have access to career centres, giving them economic independence to protect themselves from violence, while training for national health service providers will focus on the clinical management of rape and the provision of integrated rape services. reproductive health and gender-based violence.


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