U.S. Mayors Support Blue Zone Community Wellness Initiatives – Welcome to the City of Fort Worth


Posted 06 October 2021

At its 89th annual meeting, the United States Conference of Mayors, which represents the mayors of more than 1,400 of America’s largest cities, passed a resolution to “create community wellness initiatives in blue zones to fight chronic diseases and co-morbidities ”in a demonstration of public support for health and wellness.

The resolution encourages cities and leaders to take a proactive approach to wellness with a focus on prevention and healthy lifestyles such as “mental health awareness, a stressed workforce, illnesses. lifestyle, the COVID-19 pandemic and the money to come. tsunami ‘of an active and vibrant elderly population are all driving demand and innovation for well-being solutions “and” communities with higher well-being have higher health care costs. poor health, vibrant economies and a thriving workforce ”.

“Just five years after the launch of the Blue Zones Project in the city, Fort Worth has grown from the 185th healthiest city to the 31st healthiest city in the country,” said Mayor Mattie Parker, who introduced the resolution. “We are battling the global health crisis with our lifetimes and now, more than ever, we must promote and advance evidence-based solutions that are essential in the face of the current pandemic and our national health care crisis. Blue Zones Project Fort Worth shows the enormous impact that a multidimensional, systems-driven effort can have in improving the health, wealth and well-being of an entire city.

Read the full text of the resolution.

The United States Conference of Mayors, founded in 1932, is the official non-partisan organization of cities over 30,000 and contributes to the development of national urban policy. Resolutions, once passed, collectively represent the views of the country’s mayors and become the official policy of the United States Conference of Mayors. They are also distributed to Congress and the President of the United States.

Blue Zones uses a proven model to help cities, counties and organizations through community wellness programs that lower health care costs, improve productivity and happiness, and increase social connections and economic vitality. .

Photo: Fort Worth is a certified Blue Zones community, the largest in the country. Local residents improve well-being in their homes, schools, neighborhoods and workplaces.

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