Two Banbury care homes launch guide to support families affected by dementia


A survey of 2,000 adults by Care UK, which operates Seccombe Court, on Gardner Way, and Highmarket House, on North Bar Place, found that more than a third of UK adults (35%) have many questions about dementia – but don’t. know how to get the answers.

The guide, titled “Let’s Talk Dementia,” follows an easy-to-read question-and-answer format. Drawing on over 40 years of experience in providing care for people with dementia, it has been designed by the experts at Care UK, including Nursing, Care and Dementia Manager, Suzanne Mumford, as well as home managers and team members in more than 150 care homes.

Aimed at those caring for a loved one with dementia, this one-of-a-kind guide is filled with answers to questions care home teams across the country have posed to loved ones or community members – from identifying the signs of the condition, and interacting with someone with dementia, to day-to-day questions regarding changes in diet and sleep patterns.

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New dementia guide launched by two Banbury care homes

It also addresses topics rarely covered in other guides, including behavioral changes such as swearing and losing inhibitions, making it a unique toolkit for families and friends of people with dementia, whether they live at home or in a care home.

To mark Dementia Action Week, the team at Highmarket House are also running a charity car wash today (Monday 16th May) and Friday 20th May to raise funds for Dementia Active Oxfordshire.

Wojciech Kuczkowski, Managing Director of Seccombe Court, said: “Here at Seccombe Court, we are committed to encouraging others to learn about dementia – which is why we are delighted to unveil the guide.

“Many families can feel helpless when their loved one is diagnosed with dementia and it can be a very uncertain time for those involved – but we’re here to help.”

Francesca Cowley, Home Manager at Highmarket House, added: “We would like to encourage locals to download a copy of the guide or contact their local care home if they have any questions.”

As part of the launch, Care UK has also teamed up with Alzheimer’s Society Ambassador, award-winning journalist and TV presenter Angela Rippon, who said: “I know firsthand how families feel when a dear is diagnosed with dementia. It’s often a confusing time and it’s easy to feel helpless and alone.

“There are so many common misconceptions about dementia and getting a diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean the end is in sight – it’s just the start of a different journey.

“I would like to encourage everyone to download a copy of the guide so we can create a more dementia-friendly community together.”

To collect your free copy of the guide, contact Steve Dumbrill, Home Admissions Counselor at Seccombe Court, on [email protected] or call 01295 298795, or Highmarket House Client Relations Manager Daniel Worley on [email protected] or call 01295 297 652.


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