Touching Hearts NYC Seniors Home Care Keeps Manhattan Seniors Healthy with Nutritious Meals


Planning nutritious meals can be a challenge for seniors, but Reaching Hearts at Home ensures they get the nutrition essential to lead longer, healthier lives.

Regardless of age, eating healthy, nutritious meals can be a challenge. And the work that goes with planning, shopping, prep and cleaning up after a meal can be exhausting. For older people, these challenges can be even greater, causing some older Manhattan residents not to get the nutrition they need. But thanks to a New York-based home care provider, seniors in the Manhattan area have a reliable option to fuel their bodies with the nutrition they need to improve their vitality and lead healthier lives.

Touching Hearts at Home NYC is an award winning provider of senior home care services based in New York City. Touching Hearts NYC offers a variety of non-medical home care services to its clients. Services range from front desk a few hours a week to helping with household chores or providing companionship or ongoing home care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As part of its care portfolio, Touching Hearts at Home NYC offers meal preparation for the elderly in Manhattan. Caregivers can provide their clients with anything from a few meals a week to each meal every day. For seniors who may be living alone and not have family nearby or someone who can check in regularly, meal preparation services can provide an essential service to ensure they are getting a well-balanced meal. while providing companionship.

Caregivers can work with the client to develop a meal plan and help with groceries. The caregiver can partner with the client to prepare and cook meals together, or the caregiver can take care of all facets of meal preparation, cooking and cleaning.

Having a caregiver who is attentive to healthy meal preparation or who can help ensure that a client is following medically necessary nutrition plans is one way Touching Hearts at Home NYC helps seniors stay healthy. good health. But more than just preparing meals, caregivers can also share a meal with clients, providing invaluable accompaniment services that can further promote a client’s well-being.

The benefits of Touching Hearts at Home NYC meal preparation services are numerous. Healthy and nutritious meals can help older people maintain a healthy weight, avoid complications from obesity, improve their physical capacities, boost their energy and improve their longevity.

“For Manhattan seniors who need help with shopping, planning, cooking and cleaning up after meals, meal preparation services from Touching Hearts at Home NYC are a great stress-free way to enjoy healthy meals. with the company of Caregivers rated 5 stars,Said Craig Sendach, owner of Touching Hearts at Home NYC. “We are proud to play a role in helping New York’s seniors live longer, healthier lives by helping them fuel their bodies with the nutrition they need to maintain an active lifestyle. “

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About touching hearts at home in the New York area

About Touching Hearts at Home NYC Area – Touching Hearts NYC provides home care for aging adults, the elderly, and those with medical conditions and disabilities at considerably more affordable rates than out-of-home care. House. The agency is known for its non-medical home care, escort and home help services in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Westchester, Queens and Rockland areas of New York City. Its goal is to provide person-centered care to help those in need stay at home, maintain the lifestyle they have chosen and have the confidence that they will be treated with respect and care. kindness they deserve.


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