Top 3 skincare tips from a famous beautician, revealed


For overall health, we always encourage people to seek out a doctor they can trust. Or for fitness, a trainer or class instructor. Or for hair, a stylist who knows your hair type and your needs. Or for dietary concerns, a nutrition specialist to help answer your questions. So why isn’t there the same emphasis on the skin? If improving the quality of your skin is a priority, finding a skincare expert should be on your to-do list.

“I think a few years ago I saw a lot of people on social media trying out facials all over the place and never really connecting with the skin therapist,” she says. “But lately I’ve been seeing people building relationships with their ‘skin people’. I think it’s really important for people to find therapists who can take care of you as an individual.

As for finding that person, she says, “I think you always follow your intuition. Do you feel comfortable with this person? Do you feel that this person listens to your needs? »

Of course, having access to facialists in your area and in your price range is not a given. If you don’t have access to someone, we recommend finding smart, education-focused professionals (like estheticians and dermatologists) and following their social media channels. Don’t just follow someone because their skin is great or you like their “aesthetics”, find someone who is dedicated to sharing quality information.


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