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RUTLAND, Vt. (WCAX) – Going to the gym is a common New Year’s resolution, but a lot of people stop going after just a few weeks. However, there are things you can do to help yourself be successful. Here’s how the experts say you can make your resolution count.

“No one knows your body better than you do,” said Joel Link, CEO and Head Coach of Infinite Health and Fitness and owner of No Weak Link, LCC.

Link says if your muscles are so sore that it limits your daily movement, you have overdone it.

“You want to get started, which is spectacular. In a New Year, you have big goals, you have things you want to accomplish. But you’re never going to achieve those goals if you injure yourself and don’t recover properly, ”Link said.

To reduce pain and keep blood flowing, begin your workout with dynamic, mobile stretches like leg swings, which are easier if you find a barbell to keep you supported and upright.

“Anchor your outside leg, then all you do is keep that leg straight and extend it back and push forward,” Link said.

Another exercise is jumping, which you can do on the spot.

“Raise your knee, extend yourself and descend. And then the same – push, go in and then back down, ”Link said.

You can also make side slits starting with a nice wide base.

“If we show our toes, it will open up our hips and give us more flexibility. And then all we do is keep our eyes nice and big and we just stretch from side to side, ”Link said.

As you move up the body, arm circles are great for the rotator cuffs. And swing your arms back and forth to open the chest.

“It’s not as ecstatic as watching Michael Phelps do it, but it works,” Link said.

Link says another great way to wake up your muscles is to jump on a treadmill or elliptical just for a walk. He adds that jumping on a treadmill after a workout is a great way to cool off and walking is fine.

If all the equipment is overwhelming, he says, the trainers are there to help, including through group lessons.

But don’t line up hard workouts back to back. Link says it takes 72 hours for your body to recover, especially when you are lifting weights.

And along with good sleep is good nutrition, like incorporating more protein into your diet. Also think about the time of day when you are eating your calories.

Link says a mistake a lot of people make is to eat a light breakfast and lunch, and arrange for a big dinner.

“Have your lean meats, if you want white meats, chicken, and fish.” Even the snacks are good. I make a lot of hard-boiled eggs, Greek yogurt, tuna. Small, incremental meals throughout the day are really important for fuel and recovery, ”Link advised.

When it comes to lifting weights, Link suggests doing between six and 15 reps. If you can pump 20 easily, add weight. But if you can’t do six good reps in good form, take some weight off.

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