Tips for staying healthy with a balanced diet this winter


We know that good nutrition and a balanced diet promote good health.

As the colder months approach, Premier FMCG is educating consumers about the importance of nutritious and balanced meals to support a healthy and strong immune system.

To stay healthy

What we eat and drink can affect our body’s ability to prevent, fight, and cure infections. While no food or dietary supplement can prevent or cure a Covid-19 infection, eating a healthy diet is important to support the immune system. Good nutrition can also reduce the likelihood of developing other health problems.

Prepare your meal

Most people don’t know how to prepare a nutritious meal. Because children copy what is on their parents’ plates, there is little room for improvement and change in this behavior. It is therefore important that the change takes place in the adult’s plate.

“From an early age, children should learn to prepare a balanced meal, made up of the three main food groups (protein, fruits and vegetables and starch), which is mainly filled with vitamins and minerals,” said the dietician. Ria Tintswalo. .

Eat fresh vegetables

The combination of climate and soil makes the northern regions of South Africa, especially Limpopo and Mpumalanga, very suitable for cultivation. By growing your own vegetables in your garden, you will have an unlimited supply of fresh vegetables to complement your meals, providing you with the nutrients you need for a healthy diet. It’s both affordable and sustainable for the South African family.

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Add a corn product to your diet

By adding a corn product to your diet, you are filling your plate with a meal that provides nourishment and nutrients.

“The government has legislated that all corn products are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals to ensure the health of our people. Super Sun products have been providing nutrient rich meals for 50 years, ”said Sibongile Mooko, Marketing Manager at Premier FMCG.

Using products like Super Sun Fortified Corn Flour as the primary staple food for your family, the following vitamins and minerals are consumed all at once: B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, D, and E .

In addition, fortified corn products contain a percentage of the recommended daily allowance of zinc, iron and fiber.

Cornmeal fortified with a variety of vitamins and minerals promotes all kinds of health benefits, such as keeping your skin healthy, helping with healthy teeth and bones, boosting immunity, and helping to maintain a healthy nervous system.

“Super Sun keeps the tummy full, energizes children and is an economical and affordable food consumed by most South Africans,” Mooko said.

Tintswalo said:

“Studies show that inadequate nutrition, especially among school students, is known to negatively impact productivity and learning ability, and we want to turn that around.

“This is why Super Sun has partnered with Food and Trees for Africa to promote the cultivation of vegetable gardens in local schools. Schools and community gardening and greening programs offer permaculture workshops for educators, learners and the community, educational materials and planting resources.

Super Sun offers a variety of nutritious products including Super Sun Corn Flour, Super Sun Instant Corn Porridge, and Super Sun Braaipap.

“Through the fortification of our corn products, we are able to provide essential vitamins and minerals for the average South African diet,” Mooko said.

“We aim to create a healthy South Africa with a nutrient-dense diet accessible to all. “

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