This concoction will help you deal with post-COVID mucus or phlegm


You can prepare this concoction easily at home if you feel troubled by mucus or phlegm

Ajwain seeds have an essential oil, thymol, which acts as a powerful germicide, fungicide

The coronavirus has affected our bodies in many ways. The body weakens and sometimes its effects last longer than expected. Chances are you will feel troubled with mucus or phlegm even after you are recovering. A page on Instagram “Nutrition by Lovneet” shared the recipe for a healthy concoction that can be helpful in fighting mucus. The video shows off the quick recipe and even highlights the health benefits of the three ingredients used to make it. The caption reads: “You may find that you are still coughing up phlegm or mucus after infection with COVID-19 (coronavirus). So, we have found you a remedy for your mucus – mulethi + ginger + ajwain concoction.

An elaborate caption detailed the benefits of each ingredient.

1) Ginger

The medicinal properties of ginger help fight flu and infections. Not only that, but it also suppresses nausea. The active components of ginger are gingerol and hexahydrocurcumin, which enhance its health benefits.

2) Ajowan

The caption stated that ajwain seeds contain the essential oil, thymol (about 55% of the seed’s content), which acts as a powerful germicide, fungicide and antibacterial all in one. In addition to this, ajwain seeds are an important kitchen spice loved all over the world. They alleviate the symptoms of colds, coughs, headaches and reduce the production of phlegm, given their inhibiting effect on histamine receptors. Ajwain also helps increase airflow in the lungs which is beneficial for asthma.

3) Mulethi

Mulethi cleanses your respiratory system and has antioxidant effects. It helps the body to get lymphocytes and macrophages which save the body from microbes. Mulethi also boosts immunity and keeps you away from infections and allergies. Usually, asthma patients are prescribed large amounts of mulethi to deal with the disease.

Here are the ingredients used to make the concoction:

1) Two inch mulethi stick

2) 1 inch of ginger

3) ¼ tablespoon ajwain

4) 1½ cups of water

How to make the decoction?

Crush ginger and mulethi stick. Boil all the ingredients in water for 10-15 minutes and strain through a sieve. Serve hot.


Try this concoction to help clear mucus and phlegm.

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