The DGS launches a guide on risk factors for mental health at work


On Tuesday, the Directorate General of Health published a guide to prevent the emergence of mental illnesses at work.

On Tuesday, the Directorate General of Health (DGS) published a guide to reducing the risks to mental health at work. The initiative arose because “states of stress, depression, anxiety or fatigue” are currently very common among workers, given the “enormous pressure” that exists “to meet the demands of modern work and the current epidemiological situation “.

NOT. document It aims to “improve preventive intervention” in the workplace and “Identify and promote good practicesNot only in terms of prevention but also promotion of workers’ health.

According to the DGS, the main risk factors for mental health are Monotonous work, repetition of tasksLack of “autonomous or work-controlled” shifts or night shifts Lack of social support and labor disputes.

In addition, “unfavorable” work environments have negative effects on workers’ health, which can be exacerbated by “unrealistic goal setting, urgency to get results, long working hours and also through precarious contracts ”.

Since prevention of the onset of mental illness is the main objective of the guide, measures in this area and the promotion of mental health, both individually and collectively, are presented at the end of the document.

However, in statements to expressionThe president of the Ordem dos Psicólogos said that the document “is only useful if the government, the parliament and the organizations do not put it in the drawer”.

“I am curious to know if the government, the Council of the Republic and organizations in general will continue to seek excuses to postpone decisions that create conditions Prevent psychological and social risks Francisco Miranda Rodriguez said: “The promotion of mental health at work is consensual between the different scientific and technical fields.

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