The dairy industry sponsors marathon runners


The New York City Marathon is approaching this weekend and dairy farmers are thrilled to help sponsor runners, while simultaneously supporting the next generation of girls in partnership with Girls on the Run.

Today on American Dairy Association North East’s AM Buffalo, dietician and runner Stevie Lyn Smith joined us to talk about how the dairy industry sponsors female marathon runners in their quest to the finish line 26.2, while also offering some tips on how to recover from your next race.

Stevie says when only 7% of the $30 billion spent worldwide on sponsorships goes to women, it’s time for a change. The dairy industry is on a mission to shine a light on the incredible runners of this year’s marathon in New York with their “26.2” campaign, offering to sponsor every marathon runner who signs up for #TeamMilk.

Any woman running this year’s marathon in New York is invited to sign up for Team Milk. Team Milk runners will receive running gear, running tips from experts in nutrition, sports psychology and stretching, on-site Expo tips and tricks, and essential post-race recovery at the refueling from Team Milk.

Additionally, Milk is helping support the next generation of runners by pledging to match the entry fee of any woman who signs up for #TeamMilk by donating to Girls on the Run, a foundation that empowers and inspires runners. young girls by running up to $600,000.

Stevie says that with 13 essential nutrients, milk is energy-dense nutrition for all athletes and helps repair, rehydrate and replenish athletes’ muscles and bodies.

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