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TELL CITY – Biggest Loser is back with its thirty-first season and it’s going to be great. That is, superhero themed, according to instructor Laura Schilling. Each team will be themed around a specific superhero. The coaches will choose the team hero.

This is an eight week program for members and non-members. Participants will register either in the gym or on Everbody’s website. When registering, participants will be able to choose which coach they would like to work with during the competition. The gym will do its best to place the person with the trainer of their choice.

Once placed on a team, the coach will contact each member on September 20. This will also be the day of the first weigh-in. The coach will then be in touch several times with encouragement and commitment from the team. This can be a group walk or a group fitness class. It doesn’t always have to be a move. The coach could send a healthy meal recipe to the group.

Schilling says the membership benefit is simple to understand. It is living and learning a healthy lifestyle. Not just walking in and weighing in, a person can be surrounded by those who pursue similar goals. It can be to maintain what has already been lost or to achieve new weight loss and fitness goals. A goal that will make the individual feel healthier each time they progress through the program.

“You are not alone. Of the 100+ participants, 100+ are also struggling. That’s why they’re in the program. You’re surrounded by peers who feel similar to you when it comes to desire. to take this step, but who are afraid to do so. We have the resources to guide program members,” Schilling told those who might have reservations.

Membership cost is $25 and covers eight weeks of having the personal trainer. A non-member is $120. This gives full access to the gym for all eight weeks plus the trainer. It’s a great way to try out the gym without committing more. Each participant will receive a superhero t-shirt.

Participants must be 18 years or older to participate. People are encouraged to register a week before the first weigh-in so they can get their shirt in time.

“We are trying to fill the program to what it was before COVID-19. Verna Jones is our champion who is our most losing champion. She brings a new spark to the program,” Schilling said.

There will also be a group for participants aged 55 and over. It is not necessary to be part of this team if the person is over 55, but this group will have training sessions suitable for an older crowd. It can be water aerobics or a walking group.

Anyone interested in joining can go to and click on the Biggest Loser Season 31 tab or call 812-547-3565


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