Texas family already under investigation after Guv’s terrible anti-trans order, lawsuit says


The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Texas on Tuesday after Governor Greg Abbott ordered child protection workers to investigate parents of trans children seeking medical procedures for gender assertion as potential ‘child abuse’. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of a family, alleges that a Jane Doe who works in children’s services was furloughed from her job on February 23 after questioning the new directive. The day after she was furloughed, the family met with a Child Protective Services investigator who said “the only allegation against Jane Doe and John Doe is that they have a transgender daughter and their daughter may have -be received medically necessary gender-affirming health care and “is currently transitioning from male to female,” according to the New Republic. “No family should have to worry about being torn apart for supporting their trans child,” ACLU political strategist Adri Pérez said in a statement. “A week before an election, Governor Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton launched a partisan political attack that is not rooted in the needs of families, the evidence of doctors, and the expertise of protection professionals. childhood.”

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