Tampa General Hospital Launches Wellness Resolution


Tampa General is working to reduce hospitalizations. That’s right, Florida’s premier university healthcare system is working to keep people out of the hospital and staying healthy.

Together with the City of Tampa today, Tampa General has launched TampaWell, a one-of-a-kind initiative with the goal of creating an ecosystem where regular exercise and healthy eating are part of everyday life in the city.

“More than ever, we have a great opportunity to create a unique, holistic wellness ecosystem that not only improves the health of our residents and the health of our economy, but also differentiates Tampa as a wellness destination. most attractive in the country,” said Jean Couris, president and CEO of Tampa General Hospital. “TampaWell will be the first of its kind in the nation – a wellness revolution and community movement that will improve community health and resilience.”

TampaWell will span multiple years and engage residents, local organizations and businesses, healthcare providers and many others to join the effort.

To begin, TampaWell is focusing on three initiatives in 2022. They include prescribing exercise and diet as essential medical treatment, improving health trails and parks in and around downtown Tampa, and the development of a community garden and food pantry in East Tampa.

“The Tampa area is already a priority in the sports world thanks to the successes of our Buccaneers, Lightning and Rays, and now we aim to be a role model for the nation in preventative health and wellness,” said the mayor of Tampa. Jeanne Beaver at the launch of the initiative.

Currently, 29% of adults in Tampa are sedentary. More than a quarter (26.7%) of them suffer from obesity and 36.3% have a diagnosis of hypertension. With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the United States, the opportunity is ripe for TampaWell to inspire lifestyle changes and improve overall health throughout the Tampa Bay.

Area residents can download the TampaWell app for free to track their own and the community’s progress toward their collective health goals. App users can also access information on key health programs, upcoming wellness events, nutritional tips and more.

TampaWell’s founding was inspired by the Wellness Valley in the Romagna region of Italy, also known as “the world’s premier wellness and quality of life district.” The goal of the local initiative is to make Tampa the nation’s ultimate wellness destination focused on preventative health practices and lifestyles.

The Tampa General Hospital Foundation has pledged to revive the project with a $1 million contribution to support TampaWell’s first year of operation.

“TGH is dedicated to empowering communities and transforming lives,” Couris said. “TampaWell is the embodiment of that dedication. We are excited to work with the City of Tampa on this effort and are committed to building additional community partnerships that expand the wellness revolution to every neighborhood in our city.

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