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In its first foray into the US and Canadian markets, online content delivery technology provider Switch Media has announced the launch of an end-to-end online content publishing platform for the well-known startup service. be, Digital Health Networks (DHN).
Originally launching in the United States and Canada on web, iOS and Android platforms, Digital Health Networks provides viewers with real stories, personal community connections and educational resources. The platform is designed to provide free access to thousands of hours of what are described as inspirational, personalized and self-produced shows, as well as movies specific to a multitude of medical genres.

With over 100 health topic categories, key classification across a variety of channels is designed to guide viewers to content that specifically interests them. These channels include Engaging Minds, Thrive Cancer Network, Road to Recovery, Parenthood, Forever Young, Med Pros, Healthy Lifestyle, Longevity, Sexual Health, DHN Originals, Caregivers Playbook, and DHN Podcasts. Content is also categorized via 12 main categories, each with its own extensive list of subcategories. For example, the cancer category includes subcategories such as breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, etc. Viewers can bookmark and save their favorite shows in their own Self Care tab, which they can easily access whenever they log into the service.

Designed, developed and delivered by Switch Media and DHN in just over three months, the service is also expected to launch on Roku, Apple TV and connected TVs in the near future.

“The platform’s goal is to give viewers access to thousands of shows and movies that are personalized and product specific to viewers’ specific conditions, all for free,” explained the co-founder and CEO of Digital Health Networks, Jon Cody. “From inspirational video content and true stories to personal community connections and educational resources. We are delighted to have worked with Switch Media to deliver a sophisticated and easy to navigate platform that meets the expectations of today’s viewers. Switch Media provided this service quickly and efficiently and we are delighted with the results.

Switch Media’s MediaHQ online content publishing platform is designed to provide DHN with a workflow engine comprising an advanced suite of modular features that are flexible, powerful and easy to integrate. From media ingest, management and preparation to distribution and analysis, the solution provides access to all required online content publishing tools, in one place. As part of the development, Switch Media created a classification structure for navigating to categories and subcategories assigned to their varied content.

Mark Johns, CEO of Switch Media, added: “It has been both professionally and personally satisfying to facilitate the delivery of this fantastic new online resource which will provide support, inspiration, connection and education to many. The abundance of diverse, high-quality content, created by medical experts and incredible filmmakers, provides invaluable support for those who may be dealing with their own health issues or those of a loved one. We are more than proud to have worked with Digital Health Networks on this fast turnaround project.


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