Stroke victim Fetterman agrees to debate Oz after bad press


After mounting press pressure, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman said he would debate his Republican opponent Mehmet Oz after all. Politics reported Wednesday. Fetterman has skipped proceedings so far this summer to work on his “auditory processing and speech” after suffering a severe stroke.

Fetterman gave few details about the debate, but said it would “be sometime in mid to late October” on a “major television station” in the state. The announcement came the day after Fetterman’s hometown newspaper published a scathing editorial stating that Fetterman’s refusal to debate raises “legitimate concerns” about his health. “Voters have a right to know whether their prospective senator can do the job, including handling the concessions of vigorous debate,” the official said. Pittsburgh Post Gazette said the editorial board.

“We’re absolutely going to debate Dr. Oz, and it was really always our intention to do so,” Fetterman said. Politics. “It was just about solving some of the lingering issues with stroke, auditory processing, and we’re going to be able to fix that.”

Fetterman’s campaign discusses using a closed-captioning monitor in the debate to help Fetterman, who still struggles to quickly process what he hears. In the few public appearances Fetterman has made since his stroke in May, his speech is visibly slurred and jerky.

As Election Day approaches, the Lieutenant Governor is 8 points ahead of Oz in one of the nation’s battleground states, according to a FiveThirtyEight.


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