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“In November 2021 and January 2022, Southcoast Health recognized and honored four nurses who demonstrate nursing excellence with a DAISY award. Each of these nurses was named by the patients she cared for; here is what they had to say:

• Sarah Ribeiro, RN at Tobey Hospital: “I was in the hospital for my daughter’s birthday and Thanksgiving Day. My spirit was a bit shattered. Sarah’s uplifting attitude was a bright spot on my dark doorstep. She has such a positive outlook and has been an advocate for my health and well-being at Tobey.

• Brendan Neubauer, RN. at Charlton Memorial: “I could write a book about everything Brendan did to help me while I was in the ER. He was ALWAYS more than willing to help me with anything I needed. And he had the BEST personality I’ve ever seen in a nurse. He really is a kind person. »

• Marion Matthews, RN. at St. Luke’s, Pediatrics (recently retired): “Marion talked to Mom, and it was like we’d known each other for years. She told me about my interests and my high school. I love when nurses are family oriented, and that’s exactly what Marion is. I am very grateful for his care. She has a beautiful and kind heart.

• Raquel Fernandes, RN. at St. Luke’s: “Raquel was an angel. It IS your advertising PLUS! She gave me more compassion, more attention. More importantly, she showed me that my life wasn’t over!!!”

Thank you, Sarah, Brendan, Marion and Raquel for the amazing and compassionate care you provide. If you had a positive experience with a Southcoast Health nurse, nominate her for a Daisy Award by visiting her. -South Coast Health.

Photo by Southcoast Health.

Photo by Southcoast Health.

Photo by Southcoast Health.

Photo by Southcoast Health.

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