Simple egg tricks: Boost the taste of your egg dishes with these 5 tips


If there was one ingredient that could be considered the king of all other foods, it would probably be an egg. Eggs are versatile. You can bake them, poach them, fry them, make curries or sabzis, add them on toast or have them any other way. And not only that, the egg is one of those foods that are also high in protein and nutrients! However, cooking with eggs can sometimes be tricky. There are several dishes that are prepared in a specific way. So, to help you elevate the taste of your egg dishes, here we have some egg hacks for you to try.

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Here are 5 tips for making different egg recipes

1. Do the perfect sunny side up

Sunny side up is one of the most popular egg recipes. However, when you cook it, there may be a small portion near the yolk that remains uncooked. So to do it right, all you need to do is add butter to it and sprinkle water over the pan. The heat of the water will quickly cook it properly!

2. Master making poached eggs

We all love watching the yolk run down our dishes. But when we try to make poached eggs, they may not turn out the way we want. So how? Add a little lemon or vinegar to the boiling pot when you dip your egg in water. This will help you form an amazing runny yolk in the poached egg.


3. Make Creamy Scrambled Eggs

The scrambled egg is an easy recipe but difficult to master. So when you prepare it, check the temperature of the pan before adding the eggs. Pour some water into it, and if it evaporates, the temperature is appropriate. Stir quickly to make a nice plate of scrambled eggs.


4. Get silky mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes make a wonderful side dish. We love its silky texture with subtle flavors of garlic and salt. However, achieving this consistency is not easy. So if you are going through the same thing, just add an egg yolk and mix it properly!

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5. Get omelettes in a minute

Have you ever started making an omelet, and it breaks and becomes a bhurji. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore with this recipe. Simply beat your eggs, top with your favorite toppings and microwave for 1 minute 30 seconds. The omelet is now ready to eat! Simple, isn’t it?!

So the next time you cook with eggs, keep these tips in mind! Happy cooking to you.


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