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Sameera Reddy is a yoga enthusiast. The actor, on several occasions, has been spotted talking about the benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and being consistent with yoga. The actress’ Instagram profile is full of her fitness diaries and tips for successful motherhood like a pro.

Sameera loves her yoga routine – the actor barely misses a day of her fitness routine. Sameera also continues to share the snippets on her Instagram profile to talk about the benefits, how to perform the fitness routine regularly, and also to motivate her Instagram family to start taking their health seriously.

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On Monday, Sameera kicked off the week with a new yoga routine, which is a compilation of a number of yoga positions. The sped up video of his yoga journals was shared on his Instagram stores where the actor can be seen performing several yoga positions. Sameera started her day with Surya Namaskar and slowly progressed to several stretches and other yoga positions. Dressed in a pink top and black gym pants, Sameera can be seen engrossed in her yoga positions. Along with the video, she also shared her yoga mantra for Monday – “Consistent, Strong, Focused”. Sameera believes that to “stay well” we need to practice yoga daily. Take a look at excerpts from her yoga journals here:

Instagram story of Sameera Reddy. (Instagram/@reddysameera)

Yoga has multiple health benefits. It helps to improve body strength, balance and flexibility. It also helps in better blood circulation, thus improving the health of the heart. Yoga, when incorporated into the daily fitness routine, helps resist the risk of injury, reduce back pain problems and arthritis symptoms. Yoga also helps the body relax and have a moment with yourself, which makes the mind calm and composed, and has a new perspective to take on the day.

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