Salmonella Risk Assessments and Risk Management Questions


FSIS conducts two quantitative risk assessments – one for Salmonella in the chicken and one for Salmonella in Turkey. These risk assessments will answer the following risk management questions:

  1. What is the public health impact (modification of illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths) obtained by eliminating at reception a proportion of chicken (or turkey) contaminated with specific levels of Salmonella and/or specific subtypes of Salmonella?

  2. What is the public health impact (change in illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths) achieved by disposing of end product contaminated with specific levels of Salmonella and/or specific Salmonella subtypes?
  3. What is the public health impact of monitoring/enforcing process control from re-suspension through post-cooling? Monitoring could include analytes such as Enterobacteriaceaeaerobic plate count or other indicator organisms, analysis may include presence/absence or levels and monitoring may also include variability of actual versus expected result, log reduction, absolute result of the sample or other criteria specific to each institution.
  4. What is the public health impact of implementing combinations of the risk management options listed above?

Risk management questions reflect the information needed to assess and compare the public health benefits of control policy options Salmonella in poultry. These questions are developed when planning risk assessments and are used to guide the development of “fit for purpose” risk models, i.e. designed to provide relevant information useful in weighing the benefits. public health policy options.

Additional information on conducting food safety risk assessments and the role of risk management issues is available in the FSIS Microbial Risk Assessment Guidelines.


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