Rich Froning Partners with InsideTracker to “Create Ultimate Blood-Based Action Plan for Strength, Recovery and Resilience”


Credit: Rich Froning:

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Last Tuesday, InsideTracker announced its collaboration with quadruple CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning to create the Limited Edition InsideTracker x Rich Froning Panel.

Call me back: InsideTracker was founded in 2009 by scientists from MIT, Tufts, and Harvard universities who study aging, genetics, and biometric data. The company specializes in collecting data from blood, DNA, and lifestyle and fitness trackers to help people optimize their health and well-being through their scientifically-based action plans. founded.

The details: Rich Froning provided his insight to InsideTracker on the blood biomarkers most important to him for improving performance, which InsideTracker used to create the InsideTracker x Rich Froning panel.

  • Panel allows athletes to test up to 33 blood biomarkers, including testosterone, cortisol, creatine kinase – a marker of physical stress and muscle breakdown and fasting blood sugar – a marker of how efficiently the body processes glucose.
  • How it works: You can buy the Inside Tracker x Rich Froning panel now for $ 259. From there, you head to a local lab to have your blood drawn. Then, based on your results, you receive a personalized action plan from InsideTracker, including nutrition and activity suggestions, to improve your biomarkers.
  • “This means that customers don’t just get insight into health and wellness, they receive an easy-to-follow daily plan right on their mobile device, including nutrition, activity and recovery tips, hyper-personalized based on their own biomarkers and the daily activity tracked by their Garmin device or Fitbit, ”said InsideTracker press release of June 15.
Credit: Rich Froning:

What Froning says: “I constantly push my body to its limits while walking the fine line between improving and overtraining which gets even narrower with age,” said Froning.

  • He added: “Together with the InsideTracker team, we have created the ultimate panel of exact blood biomarkers that matter most to me.”

A great thing: CrossFit CEO Eric Roza is both a client and an investor in InsideTracker.

  • In his press release, Roza said: “When I discovered InsideTracker, I immediately saw its value and the potential to optimize my health using the latest scientific knowledge in blood testing and genomics, which is the foundation of the new wave of medicine. precision. “

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