Renovated recreation and wellness center to fully open in November – The Quinnipiac Chronicle


The renovation of Quinnipiac University’s recreation and wellness center will be completed in early November, three months later than originally planned, vice president of facilities and capital planning Sal Filardi told The Chronicle. . Filardi said the project was originally slated for completion early in the fall 2022 semester in August, but was delayed due to supply chain issues.

The remaining unfinished work includes additional construction and the acquisition of a certificate of occupancy from the town of Hamden, Filardi said. Currently, the health clinic and counseling areas are fully completed and started receiving students on August 24. Workout equipment is also open to students in the weight room.

Filardi said a delay in receiving electrical equipment delayed construction by six months.

“We ordered the equipment we were expecting in July 2021 so that we could install it in the summer and then start the whole building,” Filardi said. “This equipment only arrived the last week of December (2021), so we were unable to install it the first week of January.”

The recreation area is also expanding, with new equipment and the addition of a climbing wall. There will also be new dance, yoga, spinning and aerobics studios. The southern region of the building will have a lawn with an amphitheater and a fire pit, Filardi said.

“Now the health clinic, counseling center and recreation areas are all under one roof,” Filardi said. “It’s physical health, mental health, healthy living because it’s all there, so it can be a more complete experience for students.”

Tami Reilly, director of fitness and wellness, said the new center will give staff the ability to run more programs. She said there will be a space dedicated to meditation and yoga.

“So yeah, it will be more, but in a great way, as we’re excited to have more programming opportunities for students as it relates to this idea,” Reilly said.

There will be an addition of an outdoor recreation area, which will allow activities such as kayak rentals or hiking. Reilly said these different types of fitness are self-care that students can experience to help their mental well-being.

“We’re all so different, so I think this will open up more opportunities for students to explore the best ways to take care of themselves,” Reilly said.

The university was also intentional to have the center certified as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Gold, Reilly said. Quinnipiac’s website says the building will have rain gardens and living walls, made up of plants. Filardi said the university will seek certification upon completion of construction.

“I just think it has so much more to offer in terms of lighting and intentionality of greenery and including the outdoor environment indoors,” Reilly said.

When the space fully opens, Reilly said she hopes the center will allow students to connect, even if they don’t want to take a class or go to the gym.

“I hope this space will allow students to find other ways to meet their wellness needs and that they will not be intimidated or discouraged by coming because it is much more than just a fitness center. “, said Reilly.

Some students wonder about the opening date of the center with the current state of the building.

The @qubarstool Instagram account posted a video on September 5 showing water leaking from the building’s ceiling, collected in bins with the caption “I didn’t know the leisure center had a swimming pool.” The video included a text overlay that read “The new recreation center looks ‘ready by fall 2022’.”

Filardi said the leak occurred at “the intersection of the new building and the old building where the exterior glass walls are not yet complete.” He said extra tarps were used to clean up the water, without damaging the building.

Although there was a delay in the construction progress, the students said they were still excited to use the new features of the facility.

Thomas Scheno, a second-year biomedical science student, said he would use the center once it was completed. He said he was very excited to take advantage of the new gym equipment.

“It looks really good from the outside, I haven’t really been there much, but it looks really good in there,” Scheno said. “It looks really big, I know there’s going to be a place for smoothies and stuff, so it’ll be cool.”

Ashley Brennan, a junior health sciences student in the 4+1 Master of Arts in Education program, thinks having a space for mental and physical health together is a great idea.

“I really like the way they do this juice bar, and I really like the consulting services they’re going to have, because I feel like they didn’t really have that kind of stuff. at the wellness center before,” Brennan said.

Brennan said students will be more motivated to use the center because it’s aesthetically pleasing and has all the new equipment.

“People are definitely going to go out there with their friends and practice and have a great time,” Brennan said.


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