Recovery tips for anyone who completes the London Marathon this weekend


Finally, don’t become completely inactive – make sure you’re still trying to take a decent number of steps each day, allowing muscles and joints to move with low impact motion. Once you feel your joints and muscles have recovered, you can start resuming your usual exercise routine, but be sure to relax and don’t go to hell and end up causing an injury that could have been avoided.

Oli Kearon

Dalton wong, personal trainer

Once the race is over, make sure you keep moving for the next two days after the race. It could be swimming, biking or walking. This movement will allow your body to recover by increasing blood flow to your sore muscles.

Try cold and hot therapy, both can be great for recovery. Cryotherapy, steam room, sauna, cold shower, or infrared saunas can all help improve your mood and also help your body recover.

Booking a massage is one of the best ways to recover from any physical activity. A trained therapist can work on all the tired muscles and eliminate all the trigger points from those long months of training.

Schedule acupuncture or reflexology sessions, these can really help release tension in your body and can also help tired feet relax.

Take a bath – a magnesium bath can really help soothe those tired muscles and the skin is very good at absorbing nutrients, so go ahead and enjoy it.


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