Quick shots: Santana, Nimmo, Bedell


After receiving an injection of PRP in October, Carlos santana says that “Now I feel 100 percent”The day after a season marked by injuries, the Royals the first baseman said Kansas City Star Worthy Lynn. This follows the 4-6 week timeline Santana initially gave following the injection, which was meant to help treat the grade 2 quad strain that plagued the veteran hitter during the final six weeks of the season. . Between the quad and other leg issues, Santana clearly burned out in 2021, only beating .185 / .217 / .284 in her last 351 appearances at home plate.

With this tough season dragging on, Santana said he was “work on a few things that I need to help myself, my swing and my body. It’s the only thing I changed. I started training early, compared to the previous year. Now entering his 36-year-old season, Santana has posted two below-par (by wRC + metric) offensive years since his 2019 All-Star campaign, which is a bit worrying for a Royals team that owes 10 more. , $ 5 million to Santana in 2022. While Santana has rebounded strongly from disappointing years in the past, 2021 has been the worst of his 12 big-league seasons by just about every measure, so Santana will have more difficulty in regaining its old form.

More of the world of baseball as we move into 2022….

  • Brandon nimmo is a free agent next winter, and the Food will pursue a contract extension, Mike Puma of the New York Post writing. Nimmo has a strong slash line of .266 / .393 / .445 over six career MLB seasons, but he has just 1695 PA and 457 games to his credit due to various injuries. Given this turbulent health history, one wonders to what extent New York would be willing to make a long-term commitment to Nimmo, or if the Mets might only be willing to offer an extension at a relatively favorable price for the team. . From Nimmo’s perspective, he’ll have to weigh the lockdown into some form of guaranteed salary, or perhaps bet on himself to stay healthy and productive, potentially preparing him for a much more free agent deal. rich of the Mets or another team in the 2022-23 off season. Hypothetically, the very incentive extension between the Twins and another often injured outfielder in Byron buxton could serve as a model for a Nimmo expansion, if likely at a price lower than the $ 100 million in guaranteed money Buxton will receive. (Interestingly, Nimmo and Buxton are more comparable than you might think, in terms of fWAR.)
  • Cardinals perspective Ian bedell is about to throw some light on a mound this week, according to Derrick Goold of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This marks Bedell’s first job on a mound since undergoing surgery at Tommy John in May, and the 22-year-old was able to continue his rehabilitation normally with minor league staff as Bedell and team staff minor leagues are not subject to lockout. The right-hander is tentatively still on schedule to resume operations by May 2022, as Bedell is eager to resume a professional career that has already been delayed by the pandemic and now his TJ procedure. Bedell was a fourth-round pick for the Cardinals in the 2020 draft, and he pitched just 2 2/3 innings for the team’s Affiliate A before being shut down for surgery last season.


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