Possibility to appear in the first edition of the Healthcare Technology Buyers’ Guide


Opportunity to feature in the first edition of Healthcare Technology Buyers' Guider

In partnership with the Australasian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH), Hospital + HealthThe publisher of WF Media will launch Australia’s first guide to health technology buyers in September, providing readers with a comprehensive list of health products, services and details on stakeholders operating in the health technology space. health, as well as an editorial on some of the latest health technologies.

The Healthcare Technology 2021 buying guide will be mailed to all Hospital + Health printed (4000+) across Australia, and will be distributed from the registration desk at the October AIDH Digital Health Summit, which brings together clinical leaders, researchers, innovators, academics and forward thinking who are leading Australia’s digital health transformation.

Covering 50 categories, from data management to virtual reality, companies can be considered for free registration in the guide by listing the details here.

If you would like to submit details about your new healthcare technology for possible inclusion in this issue, please contact [email protected]

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