One man’s mission to bring fresh fruit to Cobbs Creek


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — At the corner of Spruce and 63 Street in the Cobbs Creek section of Philadelphia, you might find Abdul Jabar serving up some of the freshest fruit you can find.

Her business, Soul Glo Healthy Lifestyle, started about three years ago.

People come from all over just to try his amazing watermelon.

“You won’t find seeded watermelons…as big and sweet as mine,” says Jabar.

Being able to provide the community with healthy food is very important to Abdul and his customers are grateful for the constant supply.

“I cook a lot with fresh fruits and vegetables, which is why I come here,” says Qussie Murphy, a loyal customer.

Abdul says he’s been through a lot of ups and downs over the years. He lost one of his main produce trucks to accidents along the parkway and had another truck destroyed.

He never let himself down. He just reevaluates and gets back on his feet the only way he knows how.

There isn’t a person walking past the stand that Abdul doesn’t know by name or say hello to. He says customer service is number one in his book.

“I have a very good clientele and given that we have a great relationship, they will go out in the rain or I will go out to their car, I will welcome them as best I can,” says Jabar.

His main source of communication is through his Soul_Glo__Healthy_Lifestyle Instagram page. There, customers can get an idea of ​​what Abdul might sell for the day.

Abdul will travel far and near to source the best products for his customers, even if that means traveling hundreds of miles.

A very popular item on his list is his homemade sea foam drinks. He enjoys talking to his customers about the different benefits of the drinks.

“Support, discuss and I guarantee you will come away with something worthwhile,” says Randy Ndubuaku, a regular customer.

Soul Glo Healthy Lifestyle is open daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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