Nutritionist Checks Four Common Tips For Losing Weight


LEE COUNTY, Florida – Director of Nutrition and COO at Fitness shark bite, Katie Onufer, is on a mission to raise awareness that what you do outside of the gym plays a crucial role in your fitness journey.

“Nutrition can really make you feel so good. Sometimes you don’t really realize how bad you feel until you start changing your diet and see how much better you feel, ”said Onufer. “What you do at home and all day is really going to make a difference.”

A recently published article by Media Ambassadors discussed four ways anyone can lose weight fast this summer. Onufer weighed in to check their nutritional trips.

“I think this article is dangerous and it gives you the idea that results can be achieved very quickly without damage,” said Onufer.

Of the four recommendations listed, the first request is to start a juice cleanse.

“Juicing is a bad idea because you’re really limiting your calories at this point,” Onufer said.

She said that while juicing is a bad idea, it also ends up doing more harm than good.

“This is going to make you lethargic and what is probably going to happen is that after you finish that juice cleanse, you are probably going to binge and regain all the weight immediately,” Onufer said.

The second claim of the article for weight loss is to switch to a vegetarian diet.

“I wouldn’t say all the veg, but I would say just add more, right?” Said Onufer.

While fruits and vegetables play a major role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Onufer said it was a bit extreme to cut specific food groups and switch to a diet that was all about vegetables.

“Cutting out food groups, drastically changing your calorie intake… these are all things that while they can give you results fast, you’ll probably feel pretty bad,” she said.

The third claim follows a similar theme, but instead of getting rid of a food group, the article recommends eliminating one ingredient: sugar.

“When it comes to cutting out sugar, I wouldn’t say cutting sugar out of cold turkey completely, especially if you’re used to it,” Onufer said.

Instead of cutting out sugar entirely, Onufer suggested cutting back slowly over time.

“Nutrition is a lifelong thing, isn’t it? So we want to find a process that really works for us in the long run. So cutting things off completely is never a good idea, ”she said.

So, with the first three recommendations frowned upon by Onufer, that brings us to the fourth and final nutritional tip on the list – reduce portion sizes.

“We really have to take it back to our roots, don’t we? We need to eat whole foods. Cut out processed foods and make smart choices day in and day out, ”said Onufer.

She agrees that reducing portion sizes plays an important role in everyone’s nutritional journey. But she pointed out that the article was missing a crucial element – anyone looking to lose weight should probably start drinking more water.

“To really start to feel better, to be healthier, maybe to lose some weight… start by increasing your water intake,” Onufer said.

Plus, there’s nothing better than starting your day with a full glass of water.

“Starting with a glass of water in the morning can make a huge difference,” she said,

When it comes to seeking nutritional advice, Onufer cautions that the internet doesn’t always provide the best information. So instead of searching online, she recommends contacting a nutrition professional to discuss your eating habits and goals.


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