Nutritional tips for the holidays



Mel chats with dietitian and author Tara Collingwood about holiday nutrition and how to make sure we don’t get lost during the holiday season.

Tara says it’s all about balance; we want to enjoy the festivities, but we don’t want to gain weight. So trying to balance that out by getting a little more exercise, making sure we’re moving, but also stocking up on the good stuff, especially in between these holiday season.

Did you know that November is actually Healthy Skin Month? Tara says eating almonds can actually help benefit your skin and when we talk about skin we are talking about wrinkles and skin pigmentation, some of that UV rays. She says a recent UC Davis study found that postmenopausal women eating 2 ounces of almonds per day have a 16% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and a more even skin tone. Two ounces of almonds is 46 almonds.

Tara says Adkins is the leading low-carb brand and has a range of nice, sweet snacks you can indulge in while retaining the flavor, but without sacrificing your well-being and really watching those carbs. and sugar. They have a few new products, the Chocolate Cream Protein Wafer Crisp, the Dulce de Leche Cake Dessert Bar, and the Vanilla Caramel Protein Bar.

Tara says, again, it’s about balance and covering yourself with good quality nutritional products that help us with energy and performance. She says Force Factor is a global health and wellness brand that offers smart supplements formulated with premium, clinically-researched ingredients. You can find all of these products at the Vitamin Shoppe.

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