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Led by a group of Mindful Cooldown and Yoga trainers that Fitness + users already know and love, the guided meditation will feature nine themes to choose from: Purpose, Kindness, Gratitude, Awareness, Creativity, Wisdom, Calm, Focus and Resilience. With five, 10 and 20 minute meditations on offer, the trainers will give you a captivating video experience like no other, with a different style and approach that ensures you are a beginner or a seasoned expert, the practice is accessible to everyone. all. This is perhaps what is most striking though. For many of us who are not used to meditation, the practice itself can be quite intimidating. Images of serene individuals sitting with impeccable posture immediately spring to mind and can be intimidating, a reminder that we are not doing it “right”. It’s exactly this stigma that Apple Fitness + seeks to eliminate, with an emphasis on the beginner’s journey through the variety of experiences on offer. With the Meditation for Beginners program, new users will learn the basics before diving into the studio sessions.

Users can access guided meditation sessions on an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, but a new addition to the Apple lineup also means you can access classes as audio in the new Mindfulness app on the Apple Watch. This means that you don’t have to be home to meditate. Whether you need just 10 minutes of clarity on the commute to work or are looking to slow your breathing and relax before a big work presentation, these audio experiences allow you to take your conscious meditation wherever you go.

It is thanks to the watchOS 8 update that such additions are happening, with a new session known as Reflect also making its way into the Breathe app upgrade. Beginning with an invitation to “Take a moment to reflect,” you will be presented with a brief introduction to thinking; a simple idea to hold and focus your thoughts. This can include something like, “Take time to think about something you are grateful for,” prompting users to turn their thoughts inward and achieve a positive frame of mind. By training ourselves to think more positively, we could also live longer. Studies have shown that optimism is specifically linked to an 11-15% longer lifespan, on average, and have a greater chance of achieving “exceptional longevity” when it comes to living to age 85 and beyond.

And with the ability to set “mindfulness reminders” on the Apple Watch, we can turn our mindfulness meditation into a consistent daily practice. As Julz Arney, director of fitness technology for health at Apple, explains, consistency is key when it comes to our mindfulness. “It has a lot of synergy with fitness. The body loves consistency and so does the mind. Small doses of activity are super beneficial for you rather than sitting all day and doing a workout. And it turns out it’s the same as training your mind.

Arney adds, “When it comes to making a healthy habit of meditation, we’ve really thought about it, especially for Fitness + subscribers, because remember that when you set these mindfulness app reminders, if you are a Fitness + subscriber, the first area you will see are meditations. If you want to create a healthy habit from meditation, you can set your reminders and then you will be reminded on your wrist that it is time to do even a five minute meditation.

In light of the new features, Women’s health heard from three of Apple’s Guided Meditation Trainers – Jessica, JoAnna, and Christian – to find out why adding Guided Meditation to the Fitness Platform is so exciting and how we can use these workouts to save time for our own mindfulness practices.

Apple Fitness + announces new features

Apple Fitness +

Women’s Health: Apple Fitness + has quickly grown into a platform offering a comprehensive health journey in terms of fitness and mindfulness. What excites you most about adding guided meditation?

Jessica Skye: One of my favorite parts of Fitness + is the team’s passion for building an accessible platform for fitness and wellness that is welcoming to all and suitable for you wherever you are on your journey. towards a healthy life. The same applies to meditation, and having it as part of the Fitness + experience will not only mean that you have it on hand (for video and audio experiences), but you can easily get started with just 5 minutes. Even on your busiest days, a 5 minute meditation can really do wonders as you begin to explore by being more mindful and guided by the themes we have selected such as gratitude, kindness and wisdom. Meditation has been such an amazing tool in helping me live a happy and healthy life, so I am more than happy to share our work with the Fitness + community.

For those new to mindfulness and meditation, what advice would you give them to get started?

JoAnna Hardy: Be gentle with yourself and don’t give up! It’s easy to start something new with enthusiasm and quickly start to think that we don’t have the time, or that we are not “good” enough to keep doing it, but I encourage you to keep doing it! By taking the time to look within, we can begin to see ourselves in ways that we have never seen before. We’ve designed Guided Fitness + Meditation for those at any point in their journey, whether it’s their first time meditating or they’re a seasoned practitioner. We have Meditations for Beginners to help people learn some techniques as well as a getting started video so people can watch it a bit before trying it for themselves. You will definitely come across times when it seems too difficult, either physically or emotionally, but it is well worth it!

What are some of the advantages of guided meditation over practicing alone?

Christian Howard: Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not just about ‘staying present’ or even spacing out, meditation actually includes many specific instructions and techniques that have been proven to keep you connected and on track. and includes ethics and principles that help us cultivate constructive ideas. mental qualities. Guided meditations greatly facilitate the expression and absorption of this expertise, as we don’t have to worry about doing it right or wrong, we have someone we can trust to communicate clearly and right there to. help us. The beauty of the Fitness + library is that it gives people so many different methods, each of them carefully crafted with audio and visual experiences to be accessible whether you are new or already engaged. Guided meditations are really there to help each person build a habit, and through repetition, master each meditation technique. Once people embody the principles of meditation, they can feel free to guide themselves if and when they need it.

Fitness + subscribers will be able to watch guided meditation videos on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, with audio versions of the same classes also available through the Mindfulness app on Apple Watch. For those who are subscribed to the platform, guided meditation classes are available today, while those who are not subscribers can enroll for $ 14.99 per month, or $ 119.99 for the year. .


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