New audiobook ‘Wellness Manual’ by author Leona Sokolova is an insightful guide to maintaining optimal health in practical and holistic ways


The recent release of a “Wellness Manual” audiobook by Audiobook Network author Leona Sokolova creates a step-by-step process in which one can reinvigorate one’s health through simple and easy practices. Touching on all aspects of mental and physical healing, Sokolova provides insight into how a holistic approach can open new doors for listeners seeking answers about their health.

BROOKLYN, NY – June 24, 2022 – (

Leona Sokolova, a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and a certified holistic health counselor, has completed her new audiobook “Wellness Handbook”: an in-depth guide to taking charge of your health through a simple and practical approach.

“I enjoy sharing with you the idea that being happy and healthy can be easy and incredibly rewarding,” shares Sokolova. “I know very well and I love everything that wellness entails. My approach to wellness is simple. If you want to look your best, just learn to pay close attention to these very important areas: thinking positively, setting goals, eating well, drinking healthy beverages, and exercising regularly. When you focus on these, your health will respond. My own philosophy is that health, beauty, energy and peace of mind only come when body, mind and spirit are in balance. We can bring out our inner vitality through positive attitudes, self-love, good nutrition, and adequate exercise, rest, and relaxation.

“I would like to share with you radiant health, pleasant nutrition and a pleasant lifestyle. I have a passion for these subjects. I have created my own unique method of exploring life and myself. My perceptions, my life experiences and my love affair with wellness have translated into this book.

Published by Audiobook Network, author Leona Sokolova’s new audiobook focuses on creating a healthier physical body by addressing nutrition and her way of thinking about the world. By focusing on changing what is under her control, Sokolova hopes to inspire listeners to work towards creating the best version of themselves.

Listeners can purchase the audio edition of Leona Sokolova’s “Wellness Manual” through Audible, Apple’s iTunes store, or Amazon.

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New audiobook ‘Wellness Manual’ by author Leona Sokolova is an insightful guide to maintaining optimal health in practical and holistic ways


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