Moms guide to raising ‘batang matibay’ who is ready for life


MANILA, Philippines — Parents want the best for their children, one who grows up strong enough to face life’s challenges. batang matibayIf you want.

But as life becomes more modern, it also brings changes in the upbringing of children. And in this recent global health climate, this main aspect of family life has become even more complicated.

“Due to the pandemic, parents have become very concerned about the health of their children. And after embracing the work-from-home setup, many found it difficult to care for their families and resorted to easier and faster ways to prepare meals,” said Babylyn Cayabyab, a registered nutritionist-dietician who is Nutrition Manager for Dairy Health and Nutrition at Nestlé Philippines.

“As the trend continues, parents may face common nutritional issues in their children, such as undernutrition, otherwise known as nutritional deficit,” she added.

Fortunately, Cayabyab says undernutrition is easily preventable. As parents always want the best for their children, they will make sure to work to improve their lives and lead them on the right path of batang matibay.

Stick to the basics

In order for your children to truly become the batang matibay they were meant to be, you need to make sure that you help them achieve the three basic tibay signs: tibay ng katawan, tibay ng isipan, and tibay ng loob.

1. Katawan Tibay

A child who exhibits tibay from katawan matches well with their peers during recess.

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A child who exhibits tibay from katawan is able to do work both at school and at home and gets along well with peers during recess. They are also the right size for their age, as well as good disease resistance.

To achieve this, Cayabyab recommends:

  • Make sure children are getting essential nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamin D, iron, zinc, vitamin C
  • Prepare balanced meals every day following the Pinggang Pinoy method to ensure the correct proportions
  • Never let children skip breakfast, considered the most important meal of the day

2. Tibay ng isipan

Moms guide to raising 'batang matibay' who is ready for life
A child who has Tibay of Isipan is able to learn effectively.

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A child who has Tibay of Isipan is able to learn effectively in school because he is able to follow every lesson in class. They also retain information quickly and follow simple instructions and carry them out independently.

To achieve this, Cayabyab encourages:

  • Ensure their children engage in appropriate stimulation activities to foster brain development
  • Adhere to good sleep hygiene in order to get a good amount of sleep each night
  • In terms of diet, there should be enough foods that provide adequate amounts of iron and vitamins B1 and B12

3. Tibay ng loob

Moms guide to raising 'batang matibay' who is ready for life
Parents should become ideal role models who provide much-needed guidance to their children.

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A child who values tibay ng loob has character and the drive to pursue his goals from an early age and beyond. They are able to tell right from wrong and are self-sufficient.

In order to develop strength, Cayabyab reminds:

  • Parents themselves should become ideal role models who provide much-needed guidance, imbuing common sense and morality in their impressionable young children.

grow matibay

Moms guide to raising 'batang matibay' who is ready for life
With proper diet and exercise, BEAR BRAND® helps provide children with nutrients that fill the nutritional gaps identified by the DOST-FNRI.

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We want our children to face life fearlessly and achieve great things, so it’s best to give them all the help we can. In addition to proper diet and exercise, support your batang matibay offering them a glass of BEAR BRAND®Fortified every day.

“Experts recommend having a daily intake of milk to meet the nutritional needs of children. Milk is rich in essential nutrients such as protein, calcium and other vitamins and minerals to help children grow and develop well. develop properly,” Cayabyab said.

With proper diet and physical activity, BEAR BRAND® helps provide nutrients that fill the nutritional gaps identified by the DOST-FNRI.

This is possible thanks to the Doble Tibay advantages of BEAR BRAND® Fortified:

  1. Tibay Katawan – Each glass contains 100% of the daily vitamin D requirement, more than 20% of the daily recommended protein requirement and almost 50% of the daily calcium requirement.
  2. Tibay Resistenya – Each glass contains the daily requirement of 100% vitamin C and nearly 50% of the recommended daily requirement for iron and zinc

Although modern parenting can be difficult, we also have modern solutions at our disposal. Fortunately, BEAR BRAND® has been a trusted ally in defending our children’s health.

So be sure to help your kids maintain a strong body and strong immunity with BEAR BRAND® Fortified!

To learn more about Fortified BEAR BRAND®, visit website and their official Facebook page. To purchase BEAR BRAND® products, consult their Shopee Store.


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