Medical Device Quality Engineer First to Receive New Amass Family MSOM Award


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Md Khursidul Islam

Md Khursidul Islam is the first recipient of the Amass Family MSOM award given through the Master of Science in Operations Management program. The award is given each fall and spring semester and is based on academic achievement and financial need.

Islam earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Connecticut and was in the top 15% of his class. After graduating, he started as a control engineer at Medtronic, where he worked on automated manufacturing assembly stations with extensive exposure to robotics, vision systems, programmable logic controllers, and industry regulations. environmental health and safety.

After two years in this role, he moved on to another area of ​​the medical device industry as a quality engineer for Teleflex QuikClot hemostatic dressings. Five months in the role, Islam admits he has a learning curve ahead of him, but he’s quickly acclimating to the day-to-day operations of quality control and overseeing key performance indicators.

Islam states that in order to keep up with the ever-changing medical device industry, he chose to pursue his Masters in Operations Management to gain exposure to different areas of quality engineering by learning the concepts of industrial engineering taught in the program. He hopes this will make him a complete employee.

“After completing the MSOM program, I intend to explore a role in the field of supply chain management of the medical device industry. Given the current supply chain issues , I think there is a lot of opportunity for us to improve to create a robust manufacturing system where we leverage subject matter experts in our industry and create efficient and fiscally responsible processes that allow us to source locally into components/finished products,” he said.

Islam said he received awards during his undergraduate career and attributes the generosity of donors to his academic success, and he is grateful to have been selected for this award to help him continue his professional development. and academic. The Amass Family MSOM Award was established through a donation from Edward Amass Jr. MSOM’13 and his wife, Barbara.

The Master of Science in Operations Management program began in 1974 and is designed for professionals from a wide range of backgrounds, including business and government operations. Students learn to create value for the production of goods and services while working with suppliers and customers around the world. To learn more about the Master of Science in Operations Management, visit our website.


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