Local mum shares tips on how to save, make shopping last with skyrocketing prices


BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — With inflation at its highest level in four decades, parents are feeling the pinch. Feeding a family of four for a month can cause some families to go without.

Families everywhere are expressing their frustration with grocery inflation and short-lived groceries.

“No, this is me buying legit groceries not junk food and it’s still, you know, double the price than before,” said Lisa Watts, a local mother.

According to the US Bureau of Labor, the price of meat is rising by 14% and that of other groceries by 11%. And just to get the necessities like ground beef, deli meats and off-brand cereals, the total comes to $22.50.

Watts said she spends more than $200 a week on groceries to feed her family of six, which only lasts a few days.

“It was a point where it was literally just breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks and two snacks for two days and it was just $80. I mean it just costs 200 [dollars] a week,” Watts explained.

She said one way to save is to buy off-brand items and download apps to earn money.

“We do this throughout the year and for two years now, over Christmas time, we’ve been cashing in around $250, coupons. I know a lot of people who do that, we’ll buy the big snacks in bulk to save,” Watts continued.

Watts also said to try going to local food banks and food giveaways. She said her best advice to parents would be to hang in there and things will get better.

Residents can visit local food banks in the Baton Rouge area, such as Food Bank of Greater Baton Rouge, Salvation Army, and St. Vincent DePaul. Places like Child Nutrition Dioceses of Baton Rouge organize take-out meals for children.


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