KNEO Automation publishes a guide on how Machine Health uncovers opportunities to improve manufacturing efficiency and reduce downtime


Machine condition monitoring is the ability to assess the condition of a machine over a period of time. In manufacturing, machine health is a top priority. Without the right work equipment, the whole supply chain is bogged down

Machine condition monitoring is the ability to assess the condition of a machine over a period of time. In manufacturing, machine health is a top priority. Without the right work equipment, the entire supply chain becomes bogged down. According to markets and markets, the global machine condition monitoring market size is expected to grow from US$2.8 billion in 2022 to US$4.0 billion by 2027.

Analyzing machine condition to monitor assets can lead to real improvements in productivity and, therefore, increase return on investment.

For manufacturing managers, the goal of implementing digital machine health should be to find system-wide and standard-facility opportunities for every production line to perform at its best.
Continuous monitoring makes it easy to identify problems before they occur. Real-time machine health data gives a complete picture that allows you to adjust production plans to increase production and avoid unplanned downtime rather than following schedule-based maintenance schedules .
Real-time data insights help you see changes in your assets that don’t necessarily lead to system failure. Recognizing early problems can help improve your machine’s performance and help you resolve issues before they become a downtime issue.
Factory visits, random equipment checks, and annual shutdowns not only consume valuable time; they are also prone to human error and leave room for machine malfunctions to cause unplanned downtime. Additionally, the data generated by these methods is generally useless to manufacturers trying to predict future risks and production outcomes.
Machine health data provides actionable insight into the true reliability of machines in your facility, helping you make more informed decisions. Additionally, instead of depending on lagging performance metrics, Machine Condition uses mechanical data, vibration, heat, and ultrasonic readings to estimate future performance issues.

Real-time insight into equipment performance generated by sensors mounted on or integrated into individual machines enables teams to perform condition-based and even predictive maintenance.

Machine efficiency in any industry depends on sound monitoring, which reduces downtime, which means continued machine efficiency.

Machine health information allows maintenance and operations teams to plan activity based on a common set of machine metrics and real-time data insights. This enables top-performing operators, managers, and maintenance teams, as well as a variety of notable KPIs, containing machine uptime, utilization, and OEE.
Predictive maintenance is suitable for equipment or assets that perform critical functions or whose failure modes can be more cost-effectively estimated through regular monitoring.
Machine health diagnostics help users find the cause of problems and recommend solutions. Users can then simply optimize these machines enterprise-wide.

The manufacturing world is undergoing a rapid transition to digitalization that has been remarkably accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Machine health offers a proven and crucial use case and is a key part of this change.

KNEO Automation’s Industrial IoT platform provides a modular solution for machine health monitoring so that manufacturers can use the real-time data stream of their machines to analyze performance, deploy maintenance, and more.

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