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New York, New York – (Newsfile Corp. – December 23, 2021) – Frank Whaley, author and founder of Whale-Tales Publishing, continues to delight young readers with his informative picture book, Khobe Koala and his little stomach ache. After being diagnosed with a terminal illness and discovering the benefits of a healthy diet, Frank hopes to teach children the importance of a nutritious diet.

Image by author Frank Whaley donating books to Golisano State Children’s Hospital

Khobe Koala loves to eat delicious treats, but after a day of eating too many treats, he has a terrible stomach ache. During his nap, he is transported to a colorful dreamland where he meets new friends like Benny the Broccoli. Together, they help Khobe understand the benefits of vegetables and how they help us in everyday life.

Although Khobe Koala and his little stomach ache is intended for children aged 2-10 years old, readers of all ages can enjoy Khobe’s healthy journey. Between its stunning color illustrations and a fun rhyme scheme, this read-aloud story is an immersive experience that encourages kids to think of nutritious foods as friends. Frank skillfully combines healthy eating advice and adventure in a seamless way that is sure to appeal to children as well as their parents, guardians or teachers.

Khobe Koala and his little stomach ache provides a bridge for adults to get the right nutrition messages across. In a society that continues to struggle with childhood obesity, Frank’s work is a tool for starting essential health conversations as early as possible. Unlike conventional approaches to teaching kids about wellness, Khobe Koala and his friends are so cute and memorable that young readers won’t even recognize the story as a lesson.

Critics describe Khobe Koala and his little stomach ache as “charming” and applaud the fact that it also teaches children “the element of color in such a fun way” through illustrations of vegetables by illustrator Victoria Mikki. If the mind is a muscle, then Frank’s picture book is the best type of workout.

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Frank Whaley grew up in upstate New York, where he developed a passion for reading and writing in order to escape his terminal illness. He then founded Whale-Tales Publishing to illuminate the lives of future generations with literature and hope. Frank continues to uplift those around him and recently announced a partnership with Upstate Golisano Children’s Hospital. Visit it online at for more information.

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