Janelle and Christine Brown admit to cheating and why


sister wives stars Christine Brown and Janelle Brown have talked a lot about living a healthy life. Given their association with Plexus, they also promote the brand’s health products through their @the_secret_to_selfcare Instagram account. However, the duo recently admitted while vacationing in Hawaii that they failed in their diet plans.

What did they do? Keep reading to find out more!

sister wives Star Christine Brown admits breaking the law

Sticking to a strict diet can be difficult when you’re at home. Plus, things get 10 times harder when you’re on vacation surrounded by so many local delicacies. During a road trip to Hawaii, Christine was live from her Instagram page as she introduced Janelle who was behind the wheel. The group also included Savanah (Janelle’s daughter), Aspyn (Christine’s daughter), and Carrie (Janelle’s sister).

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During their conversation, Christine revealed a few secrets about herself. She proudly admitted to receiving two speeding tickets in just one month. The 50-year-old further revealed that she had to attend two traffic schools, one in Arizona and another in Utah to deal with the blunder. However, that wasn’t the only scoop she revealed during the instagram live. The duo admitted to eating deserts while on vacation, which is a big no for health buffs.

Christine admits to having deserts while on vacation

As Janelle broaches the topic of staying healthy over the holidays, Christine chimes in, “So for me, on vacation, I like to taste all the local food as much as possible. But, I make a half-rule.

“So I only eat half of my meal. Aspyn and I share every meal. Aspyn and I do half the meal, then the desserts, half. It’s just always half for me,” she explained.

“Clever,” Janelle replies.

Christine Brun YouTube

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“Because it’s Hawaii, I gotta have Poke and stuff. So like I got a lettuce wrap, you know what I mean. I work hard to stay active. And that’s the thing for me, I can’t let myself, ” she continued.

Sister Wives Instagram Christine Brown

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The 53-year-old also asked fans for suggestions and recommendations on what they do to stay active during the holidays. Christine also asked for fans’ help on something local that can help them stay in shape as opposed to going to a gym.

Janelle and Christine enjoy a nice hike

Although the duo admitted to cheating on their diet, they follow a healthy lifestyle as seen on their Instagram account. Earlier this month, the sister wives the stars took advantage of a beautiful hike in nature to lose weight. They also shared their experience with their followers on Instagram.

In the caption, Christine wrote, “There are a lot of trends that come and go…but you know what never gets old? Being healthy, feeling great WHILE doing it with an awesome accountability partner! That’s my kind of health and happiness!

Janelle Brown Christine Brown Instagram

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sister wives Season 17 premiered on September 11, 2022 on TLC and brought gripping storylines. After Christine Brown left Kody, fans now believe it’s Janelle who will leave her spiritual husband next.

Do you think Janelle would be next in line sister wives part ways with Kody? What do you think of health gurus who cheat on their diet while on vacation? Share your opinion in the comments!

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