Introduce babies to solid foods.


With a busy fall season just around the corner, the last thing parents want to worry about is whether they are feeding their babies the right way, especially parents who are transitioning their babies to food. solid. Pediatrician Dr. Whitney Casares shares tips on which foods to start with and where to find and share information with other parents.

Dr Casares says it’s intimidating for parents. They don’t know exactly when to start their baby’s transition to solid foods. Dr Casares says that as pediatricians we tell them, okay, take a deep breath, relax, and watch your baby individually. She says babies usually start eating soft foods between four and six months old, but you want to look for certain developmental milestones. Can your baby sit up, can he have good head control, does he seem genuinely interested in solid food, and when we offer him a spoonful of food, can he swallow or swallow it? Does he instinctively push back on his chin?

Some families try to start before four months, but Dr Casares says not to. She says there are babies who have very special circumstances that need to start a little bit later, but what she tells parents is that every time you start you really want to focus on foods. solids that are nutritious, safe and suitable for development. Dr Casares says that’s why she loves Gerber’s My 1st Solid starter kit. It contains two jars of mashed sweet potatoes, two jars of mashed bananas and a bag of oatmeal cereal. Dr Casares says that when she thinks about starting to give solid foods to families, she really thinks about feeding the rainbow and providing safe nutritious food and enough iron. She says that’s where the iron-fortified oat cereal comes in. Many babies don’t have enough iron by the time they are four to six months old. She says it gets depleted naturally so we have to top it up with solid food and you can do that very easily with this oatmeal baby cereal.

Dr Casares says she enjoys working with Gerber because they have so many quality checks. They care about what goes into every product they create. She says one place she likes to send people to, in addition to their own pediatrician’s office, is the website. She says a lot of people don’t know this, but has 24/7 support on their website. So, they have a certified lactation consultant, registered dietitians and even sleep coaches. So when you ask yourself these questions at night, you have someone who can expertly answer them.

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