How to make healing potions in Graveyard Keeper


You’ll need potions to rummage through the dungeons in Graveyard Keeper, so here’s what you need to brew them.

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Cemetery keeper is a game that relies heavily on alchemy, especially when you start to face the game’s dungeon. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get very far without learning how to brew basic potions, the most important being the ones that can heal you.

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To make them, however, you have to figure out how to make their basic ingredient – a health solution. Thankfully, this item is crafted from easy-to-find items, and while figuring out the ingredients can always be taxing, being able to heal in the dungeon is well worth it. To learn how to easily create health solutions, continue reading the guide below.

How to make a health solution in Graveyard Keeper

Hand blender

To create a health solution, you will need to create and implement a hand blender. This is one of the first Alchemy items you can craft, as the Hand Mixer only requires simple items to build, and the Health Solution uses easy-to-find ingredients. You can use the following to create a single health solution bundle:


  • Carrot

  • Cabbage

  • Hiccup herb

You are able to grow carrots from the start of the game, so they are easy to use for alchemy. Cabbage is also easy to grow; the only item you won’t be able to get is Hiccup Grass, as it is given by the merchant for crafting medicine as part of their questline.

Make medicine with a health solution

Fight a bat in the dungeon

The health solution is used to create the Graveyard Keeper version of healing potions and spices. You shouldn’t be too worried about spices as they are just another part of the The merchant questline. Here are the in-game healing potions and how to brew them:

Name of the potion Health restored Ingredients
Healing potion Restores 50 health at a time.
  • Health solution
  • Powder of life
Restoration potion Restores health every 1.5 seconds for 60 seconds.
  • Health solution
  • Order powder
  • Health extract

These will mainly be used when you are in the dungeon, and it is best to use a combo for the best healing results. Healing potion will be available from the start as it is made with the level one alchemy workbench, but you will not be able to use the Restoration potion until you can do the level two alchemy workbench.

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