How to Exercise Dogs in Hot Weather: Safety Tips from LI Dog Trainer


How hot is it for your dog? Deer Park dog trainer Joe Secreti shares expert tips on how to keep your best friend safe and active through the summer and beyond.

All dogs need daily exercise, but this summer’s heat waves have understandably worried many dog ​​owners. Are the temperatures too high for my puppy’s usual routine? Is my dog ​​a breed more sensitive to heat stress? spoke with professional dog trainer Joseph Secreti, owner and founder of Maximum Canine Service and Anita’s Pure Nutrition For Dogs in Deer Park, about what dog owners can do to keep their best friends healthy. safe and active in excessive heat and bad weather.

Is it safe to let your dog exercise in extreme heat? What precautions should be taken?

In any season, it is important to know your dog and be aware of the signs that he is overdoing it. During the summer, if your exercise routine includes walks on any sidewalk, it is important to check the temperature with your hand as it is often too hot in the summer for the dog’s paws to walk comfortably and safely. completely safe. When possible, it is best during the summer heat to do outdoor activities early in the morning and late in the evening to avoid the heat of the day.

What are the best ways to safely exercise your dog in hot summer weather?

Some ideas are swimming, indoor exercise like with an electric treadmill, indoor brain games, and workout exercises.

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Are some dog breeds better equipped for the summer heat than others?

Obviously, some breeds have been genetically bred to thrive in certain climates. Breeds developed from warmer climates like Chihuahuas or Ibizan Hounds have a natural advantage whereas a breed like the Bernese Mountain Dog or Alaskan Malamute generally has a lower tolerance for warmer temperatures. Brachycephalic breeds like Pugs, French Bulldogs, or Boston Terriers are also at a higher risk of overheating in hot weather, as they have more natural breathing difficulties.

What are the signs that a dog may be overheating or experiencing heat stress? What should the owner do?

You want to watch for physical signs such as frantic loud panting, an enlarged rolled-up tongue, labored breathing, among other signs. If your dog is showing signs that he has overdone it while playing in the heat, you can pour room temperature water on his chest to help cool him down. You can also use towels soaked in cold water placed on his chest or special cooling jackets to help cool your dog further. Move the dog to the shade, put a fan on it, and let it walk around to cool off.

You don’t want to immediately offer your dog water when he’s panting heavily after exercise, as swallowing water can lead to bloating. When your dog has cooled down, you can offer him a few sips of water at a time.

Take your dog to the vet if he has a temperature above 106 degrees, because at this point he can no longer cool himself. Signs that they are progressing to metabolic collapse include excessive drooling, frantic panting, changes in the color of lighter or darker gums, and difficulty or inability to stand.

Regardless of the season, there are days when outdoor workouts may not be feasible. What are some options for exercising your dog indoors?

A great option for indoor physical and mental exercise would be an electric dog treadmill. Treadmills allow you to control the pace, incline and duration of your dog’s workout so you can target specific fitness goals you may have for your pup, or simply provide a safe and controlled exit for his energy.

Dog Runner treadmill. Photo courtesy of Maximum Canine Service.

Another option would be brain games to help them feel mentally fulfilled. Things like teaching him to fetch his food or treats, learning a new trick, or perfecting his obedience can all help give your dog a mental outlet and leave your dog feeling relaxed and fulfilled without one of you bothering. sweat.

What is the most important thing that all dog owners should keep in mind when exercising with their dog in the summer or any season?

It is very important to know your dog, his limits and his level of conditioning. Many dogs won’t stop if they overdo it and it will be up to you to step in and keep your pet safe. Use your dog’s current physical and conditioning level as a guide so you don’t let him exercise too much and risk injury in the process.

Joe Secreti is the owner and founder of Maximum Canine Service, a company dedicated to providing dog owners with the education, guidance and tools needed to create a happy bond between owner and dog. Maximum Canine Service offers bespoke group and private dog training services, Anita’s Pure Nutrition For Dogs line of high quality all-natural dog food, boarding, private K9 detection services, and is an authorized retailer. of Dog Runner treadmill.

Maximum Canine Service’s 5,000 square foot indoor facility is located at 1011 Grand Blvd. in the deer park. For more information on its products and services, visit Maximum Canine Service website or call (631) 940-1511.


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