How To Check Android Battery Health


You’ll want to know how to check Android battery status if you’ve been using the same phone for a long time. As you charge and discharge a battery, it slowly becomes less efficient at maintaining power, which means more trips to the outlet and the possibility of you getting stuck if you’re on the go and your phone suddenly turns off.

Fortunately, there are ways to check your smartphone’s battery. The basic method only tells you your current power usage, so you can force quit apps accordingly. You can also access more detailed information, depending on the brand of phone you are using, or by installing specialized applications.

Below, we have provided several methods for you to learn more about the battery health of your Android phone. We hope that by using one or more of these methods you will find out if your long-lasting phone still has a lot of life.

How to check Android battery health: in the Settings menu

While some of these options may be worded differently, this method should allow you to check battery activity on any recent Android device. The level of detail will vary, however, depending on who made your phone.

1. In your phone’s Settings app, select “Battery”.. This option should be easy to find in the top-level menu, but you can also search for it by scrolling up the page to find the search bar.

2. Once you are in the Battery section, and if the information you are looking for is not immediately obvious, look for an option such as “Battery usage”.

Check Android Battery Health - Battery section

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3. Here you can see your battery status over the past 24 hours and which apps have used the most power.

Check Android Battery Health - Battery Status

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4. If you want to force the closure of an application or to deactivate it altogether, tap one of the applications in this menu. You will then see the option to disable, force shutdown, or choose an optimization setting.

Some phone brands will show you more details than the Pixel 4a 5G we used for the demo. For example, phones running MIUI, such as devices made by Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO, will tell you your current battery temperature.

While it’s not something you should check regularly, any temperature below 50 degrees Celsius (around 122 Fahrenheit) is completely normal.

Check Android Battery Health - Optimize Apps

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How to Check Android Battery Health Using a Dial Code

Android phones have hidden diagnostic menus that you can access by entering sequences of numbers, hashes, and asterisks into the number pad in their Phone app.

There are several that take you to different menus, but we’ll focus on the battery related one. Don’t be upset if your phone doesn’t display battery information.

1. Open your phone’s keypad in its Phone app. enter the code * # * # 4636 # * # *.

Check Android Battery Health - Numeric Keypad

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Entering the final “*“, your phone should take you to the following menu.

Check Android Battery Health - Test Menu

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2. Now search for the title “Battery information. ” If it does not appear, you are unfortunately excluded from this method. If so, selecting it will show you information such as charge level, health, and temperature.

The dial code method worked on the Xiaomi, Google, and OnePlus devices we tested, but none offered the battery information we needed. This menu did not appear on a Samsung Galaxy A52 5G when the code was redeemed. See below for a solution.

How to Check Android Battery Health on Samsung Phone

Although the dial code didn’t work, Samsung offers its own battery status check through its Samsung Members app, which is installed on its phones by default.

1. Open Samsung members and select the “Get help” tab at the bottom of the screen.

Check Android Battery Health - Samsung Members

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2. Near the top of this new menu, select the “Interactive controls“option.

Check Android Battery Health - Interactive Checks

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3. From this list of features, select “Drums.” This option is already checked on our phone because we confirmed the step before taking the screenshot, so yours may not look the same.

Check Android battery health - select battery

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4. Now you can see how the Samsung Members app rates your phone’s battery life.

Check Android Battery Health - Battery Assessment

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How to check Android battery health with an app

If the methods we have described above do not provide the information you need, you have a backup in the form of third-party applications. Coupons for this task include AccuBattery by Digibites (photo below), CPU-Z by CPUID, and Drums by MacroPinch. These will show you details, including typical battery capacity, temperature, and usage information.

These apps are all free to download, but offer Pro versions for a small fee if you want to get rid of in-app ads or unlock additional features.

how to check android battery life - accubattery

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