Home Place Offers Free Program to Boost Nutrition and Social Activity in Seniors


BERLIN, Maryland – Home Replace Senior Care offers a new way to stay healthy and social. They are launching a new program called Companionship Diet. The idea is to encourage families to have a meal with their loved ones living in retirement homes and retirement homes. “We understand that having a companion or interacting with someone else while they are eating can reduce the negative aspect of not having enough nutrition, and of course, it engages them mentally and physically as well,” said Crystal Heiser, home care consultant instead.

They do this by providing free recipes and tips on how to make cooking a fun, connected experience. Heiser says the need for these connections has become particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. “We found that a lot of our seniors were getting very, very isolated and, of course, isolated meant they were skipping meals. They weren’t eating proper meals, ”Heiser said.

Heiser also tells 47ABC that if you can’t make it to eat with your elderly loved ones in person, just picking up the phone can help. “Even if they just pick up the phone and talk to a family member while they eat, it stimulates them to keep eating. It kind of gives you a basis to have a meaningful conversation, to be apart, ”Heiser said.

The support scheme is not only reserved for elderly people supported by Home Place Senior Care. For free recipes and other resources, click here.


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