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LAHORE: With the slogan “Creating wealth through a healthy body and mind”, the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) has launched a new initiative to raise awareness among its members about diseases so that by adopting a healthy lifestyle, they can be prevented from diseases and thus play their part in the growth of their businesses.

LCCI executive committee member Shamim Akhter, who is also chairman of the House Standing Committee on Health, leads the program where seminars, discussions with experts on different diseases and other activities with heads of different health institutions are planned.

Talk to Business recorder, Shamim Akhter said that wealth is created when we work at our true potential, which is possible through good mental and physical health. “Maintaining health is taking care of our bodily needs and preventing disease, which is possible by following the model of prevention prevalent in developed countries,” she added.

In elaborating, she said that Covid-19 underlines a crucial aspect of public health; it is difficult to be a healthy individual in an unhealthy society. The state in which people live, study, work and age and their access to health care are known as the social determinants of health, she said.

Calling quality health a political issue and a business challenge, she said societal health has a huge impact on businesses and businesses in turn influence the determinants and outcomes of health. “Businesses can directly affect the societal determinants of health, for example by providing access to affordable housing or health care and by supporting charities and civil society organizations, or indirectly by lobbying for policies and regulations at local, national or multinational levels, ”she said.

She added that the burden of disease is, in part, shaped by business impacts on the social determinants of health and access to health care for a wide range of actors in society. She said: “We need to focus on preventing health problems from arising by raising awareness. ”

Shamim added that good health also depends on several factors, including age, environment and personality. She said the government should protect the people from disease and play a role in creating a healthy society for which strong measures are needed. “If we don’t take immediate action, we won’t be able to meet the unsustainable costs of rising rates of disease,” she said.

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