Healthy eating can save money and reduce food waste


This is the bi-monthly Active Fenland column by Hettie West, Fenland District Council Physical Activity Coordinator.

Food Waste Action Week is a great opportunity to learn more about food waste.

Love Food Hate Waste has an annual campaign week called Food Waste Action Week.

Week of action against food waste (55238103)

This year, it takes place from March 7 to 13. The goal of the campaign is to educate everyone on how healthy eating can save you money and reduce food waste. Use it, don’t lose it and save up to £730 a year for the average family.

Love Food Hate Waste offers endless facts and healthy recipes that really make the impact of food waste felt in the home, all of which can be found on their website (

To summarize:

  • Lowering your fridge to 1-5°C can help your food last longer;
  • Store root vegetables in the dark and they keep longer;
  • How to plan your food week and make healthy choices.

If every household reduced their bread waste for a year, the equivalent positive environmental impact would be as if 5.3 million trees were planted.

Our friends at Love Food Hate Waste tell us that compared to 2007 the UK is already saving £3.3bn a year so we are on the right track but now is the time to really change things .

At Active Fenland, as part of Food Waste Action Week 2022, we have implemented a social media campaign to raise awareness, not only of the impact of food waste, but also how you can help and lead a life. involving less food waste – while eating healthy and on a budget.

Follow the Active Fenland Facebook page now to see these daily posts.

Be sure to check out the Love Food Hate Waste website for endless information, tips and tricks, including recipes and hacks, resources and tools like meal and portion planners, and even informative blogs.


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