Guest Column: Warner’s New Dean Highlights Interdisciplinary Approaches to Addressing Environmental Challenges

Dean A. Alonso Aguirre

Dean A. Alonso Aguirre begins his term as Dean of the Warner College of Natural Resources this fall semester.

At the University, fall is a time full of anticipation and excitement. Welcome to all new students joining our community and welcome to all returning ones. There’s no better time to pursue a career in natural resource management, conservation and sustainability.

I am filled with excitement as I begin my position as Dean of the Warner College of Natural Resources. I return to my alma mater after spending my career working in wildlife conservation, ecology and health, at the interface of environmental science and policy. I come back for great and exciting times. As I dig deeper and learn more about college and university, I look forward to meeting our students and engaging with them.

Throughout my career, I have seen the power of applying transdisciplinary approaches that intersect the natural, social, and physical sciences when it comes to solving pernicious environmental problems. One of the reasons I am so excited to return to lead Warner College is the integration of these disciplines across the college and university, creating an inclusive environment for collaborations that truly make a difference in management. and the sustainability of natural resources.

Aguirre with turtleWe are ready to expand our collaborations to create innovative and far-reaching solutions to the most pressing environmental issues of our time. Together, we can address challenges related to biodiversity conservation, climate change, emerging diseases, water quality and quantity, fire ecology and more, while addressing the equity, diversity, inclusion and environmental justice. We can achieve this by deepening partnerships within our college and university, locally and around the world, breaking down silos to improve the health of species and ecosystems as well as our own.

When we take care of our environment and manage its resources well, we take care of each other and of future generations. We are here to bring new ideas to solve challenges and to train our students for various jobs in natural resource management and sustainability and leadership roles that can make a real difference. I can already tell how close our community remains to each other, bound by a mutual passion for these lofty ideals and goals.

It is an honor to join this community and lead the college into a new academic year – I look forward to seeing you on campus!

A. Alonso Aguirre
Dean, Warner College of Natural Resources


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